Today: Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker Review & Grillbot


By Carolyn Menyes

Try It Out Today: Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker Review

The hectic, fast-paced Try It Out Today segment was getting viewers’ tummies rumbling with the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker. Correspondent Katie Linendoll showcased the product, which can create a tasty looking breakfast in only five minutes.


Today Show: Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker Review

Try It Out Today featured some great new gadgets for the home, including a Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker review, the Grillbot and a beer tap.

After admitting she’s not good with cooking but great with gadgets, Linendoll, along with Today’s three hosts, stacked an English Muffin and meats on the bottom part of the maker. The top, which features an egg cooker then had a raw, beaten egg placed on it, topped off with the upper half of the muffin.

A second Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich maker then showed off the finished, very hot product, and the ultimate sandwich certainly seemed like a great way to start your day. Best part: the whole contraption is dishwasher safe!


Today Show: Grillbot Review

Cleaning anything is obviously the worst part of the entire cooking process. There’s an upcoming solution, however, that can make the experience quirky and fun. Introducing: the Grillbot!

Available in red, orange, black and blue, the Grillbot makes the grilling experience fun again by doing the dirty work for you, allowing users to crack another brewski and visit with guests. With a single button, a hot or cold grill can give a charcoal or gas grill a light or deep clean. The Grillbot comes with an LCD alarm, three replaceable motors and batteries and a smart computer to detect surface cleanliness.

The Grillbot is available for pre-order. According to Gizmodo, it will be $69.95 for a basic model and $99.95 for a premium version.

Try It Out Today: Bottoms-Up Beer Tap Review

For beer lovers who are always searching out the perfect pour, fear no more: the Bottoms-Up Beer Tap has come to your rescue! Perfect for any “man cave,” this tap was displayed in a comfy armchair, as a happy volunteer had a brew poured for him (eliciting cheers of “Chug it!” from the crowd outside 30 Rock).

The Bottoms-Up Beer Tap can be used on any surface, even in the shower for those looking to make getting clean a little more fun at the end (or beginning) of the day. Matt Lauer, however, did not recommend using the product in the toilet. Hard to disagree with that one, sir.


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