Today: Forever 21 Dance Party T-Shirts & Egg Yolk Separator Review


Today: Summer Must-Haves

Style expert Jill Martin was on Today to show off some summer must-haves May 15 2103. It definitely seemed like something weird happened off camera between Willie Geist and Jill Martin. The segment began with both of them laughing at something, and Willie Geist seemed to enjoy giving her gruff throughout the segment.

Quirky Dance Party T-Shirts

Jill Martin showed off some quirky t-shirts from Forever 21 called Dance Party t-shirts. One shirt had a picture of a dog dressed like an intellectual, with glasses, a mustache, a beret and a matching scarf. Another one had a cat being a DJ. They’re definitely an acquired taste. Other shirts were fashionable NBA t-shirts from Sportiqe.


Today: Forever 21 Dance Party T-Shirts & Egg Yolk Separator Review

Are you tired of trying to separate the egg yolk from the white with a fork or using the egg shell? Well, you’re in luck! Jill Martin came by Today May 15 2013 to talk about some summer must-have items, including an egg yolk separator.

Soludos For Adults & Kids

Jill Martin asked Willie Geist if he would wear the soludos she showed off. They’re essential for spring and summer, apparently, and are for men and women. Willie Geist said he would, but he seemed a bit skeptical. Apparently, someone on the headset in his ear harassed Willie Geist and asked him what kind of man he was. Willie Geist had to explain what was happening, because the viewer couldn’t hear anything Joe said. In fact, if Willie Geist hadn’t said anything, we’d never have known. “Joe, I’m playing along here,” Willie Geist said, “Come on, we’re doing TV.”

Printed Wedges

Dress Barn had some printed wedge heels, which are really in this season. Jill Martin said they’re a great “statement piece.”


Magnetic Makeup Brush Holder is an online community where you submit an idea and people help you develop it. One idea was the magnetic make-up brush holder, called a Pen Zen Magnet Organizer, which is also magnetic to hold your bobby pins. Apparently, Joe told Willie Geist that this is the kind of product he should buy, because bobby pins will match his shoes. Joe’s last name was also revealed at this point. His full name is Joe Michaels. I’m still not sure who that is, or if it’s just a production guy.

Sticker Keyboards

Next up were the sticker keyboards from that let you put stickers on the buttons of your keyboard in nice patterns and colors. Jill Martin did warn that it’s a little tedious, since you’d have to put a separate sticker on each button.

Egg Yolk Separator

This product is also from and it’s a device that helps you separate the yolk from the white. Jill Martin demonstrated it, complete with a dramatic zoom-in from the camera, as she used it on a yolk. “Please work, please work, please work,” Jill Martin said. The device works by sucking up the egg yolk from the white, allowing you to put it in a separate bowl. Jill Martin’s demonstration led to just a little bit of the white coming with the yolk. Willie Geist said that she only half-did it. So he grabbed the device and used it, only grabbing the yolk. “Mine was a little bit better then yours, Jill Martin,” Willie Geist said. “Okay. I bet Joe Michaels can’t do that,” Jill Martin said. Everyone off-camera laughed.

Wrapping Your Wall

Jill Martin also showed off wallpaper that comes in a wrapping paper-like tube that’s a sticker you can use to paper your wall. She said it’s great for a wall that a child has drawn on or if you want to cover a very dirty wall. “Jill Martin, you are good,” Willie Geist said. When the segment faded to music for commercial, Jill Martin literally pointed at Willie Geist and laughed. I’m not sure what that was about, either. Maybe Joe Michaels told them a joke in their ears.


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