Today: Arm Lift Eliminates Sagging Skin & Weather Channel #TornadoWeek


Today Show: Rising Number Of Arm Lifts

With the rising number of fitness regimes and Michelle Obama’s fight on obesity, Americans are beginning to slowly drop the pounds. Although we’re getting in shape, there is still the issue of sagging skin. After a certain age, your skin just doesn’t bounce back like it used to.

The most requested plastic surgery last year was the arm lift. More than 15,000 procedures were performed in 2012. This is an increase of more than 4,000 percent since 2000.


Today: Arm Lift Eliminates Sagging Skin & Weather Channel #TornadoWeek

Cosmetic surgeons are performing more arm lifts now that ever. After extreme weight loss, people are experiencing sagging skin and want it surgically gone.

Arm Lifts Eliminate “Bat Wings” But Leave Scar

Dr Michael Jones said that patients are complaining about “bat wings” from extreme weight loss. Patients that have had gastric bypass surgery are asking for the surgery. It involves slicing from the armpit to just above the elbow and trimming away the extra skin.

This is not a procedure for those looking to trim up for just any reason. Some patients are better candidates for liposuction to fix the problem. The only way to get true definition, Today said, is to work out in the gym and change the sculpture of your body. This surgery will also leave a pretty gnarly scar down your arm. Would you rather have to exercise or live with a scar?


Arm lifts can cost around $12,000. This is considered a cosmetic surgery and might not be covered by your insurance.

Weather Channel: #TornadoWeek

The Weather Channel did an interesting experiment in honor of Tornado Week. They wanted one million people to tweet “#TornadoWeek.” For every tweet that came in, the fans in their offices started going faster until they were almost blown away by the wind speed. You can watch a live feed of the wind going, which is more entertaining than you might think.

Get the wind going and tweet #TornadoWeek, because it’s more fun watching them get caught in the wind than when you do.


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