Method All Purpose Cleaner & Casabella Water Stop Gloves Review


Today’s Consumer: Kitchen Consumer Product Reviews

When’s the last time you bought or used household cleaning products? Did you know it’s a billion dollar industry? Today Consumer Correspondent Janice Lieberman got some help from America’s Test Kitchen to learn which products are most effective for the kitchen. Learn how Method All Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner, Bar Keeper’s Friend, Casabella Water Stop Gloves, and Seventh Generation Dish Liquid made the grade.

For decades, commercials have alerted us to products designed to make cleaning up easier. But what happens when these products are put to the test in real life scenarios?


Method All Purpose & Kitchen Product Reviews

Today shared America's Test Kitchen product reviews for Method All Purpose Cleaner & more top picks.

Method All Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner Review

All Purpose Cleaners are used in the microwave, on your counters and other surfaces. America’s Test Kitchen baked spaghetti sauce inside a microwave to put brand name cleaners to the test.

The clear winner in their test was Method All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner. Compared to another leading brand, the Method product picked up more of the mess. It sells for around $4.


“We found that a lot of the ones with bleach did not do a better job,” said Jack Bishop, America’s Test Kitchen editorial director.

Casabella Water Stop Gloves Review

What about rubber gloves to protect your skin dry and comfortable while you’re cleaning up? Don’t try this at home, but the test kitchen uses boiling water and a thermometer in their rubber glove tests.

That’s how they came up with their winner, Casabella Water Stop Gloves, which sell for about $5.50. They were heat resistant longer than other gloves, and Jack Bishop said they “offer us about twice as much heat protection.”

Seventh Generation Dish Liquid Review

Are you looking for the most effective Dish Washing Liquid for scrubbing pots and pans? Would you be surprised that the winner was a natural, green product? Seventh Generation Dish Liquid, at about $3.50, was the clear winner in a head to head test against another leading brand.

Bar Keeper’s Friend Review

If the outside of your kitchenware is a concern, try scrubbing pots and pans with Bar Keeper’s Friend. The America’s Test Kitchen team made a paste of the $3 product to clean up the outside of a tarnished kitchen pan.

How To Clean Copper Pots

Having trouble keeping that copper pot clean? Try cleaning with with ketchup, which is “cheaper and more effective than commercial copper polishers,” Jack Bishop said.

How To Clean Pyrex Dishes

As for grimy Pyrex dishes, spray them with oven cleaner, store them in the garage (to avoid fumes) overnight in a plastic bag, and the next day they’ll be good to go.

Green Vs Antibacterial Cleaning Products

Janice Lieberman said even the test kitchen team was surprised at the effectiveness of green cleaners, which she reported are starting to be priced more competitively than when they first entered the marketplace.

She also added that antibacterial cleaners have special instructions that most people don’t follow, such as leaving them on for 10 minutes before washing the dish or surface.

Here is a look at all the products featured in this segment.


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