Why Am I Clumsy: Dr. Jim Buskirk Reveals The Science Behind Clumsiness


Today Show: Why Am I Clumsy?

Researchers have starting to work on answering the question: why am I clumsy? If you have ever found yourself bumping into coffee tables or tripping over your feet a little too regularly, these researchers want to find out why. Is there science behind clumsiness?

According to one recent study, about 1/3 of us are accident prone, more so than others. Dr. Buzz Swanigan, the head of a team of engineers at the University of Delaware,  investigated what’s happening in the brains of accident-prone people. They found that these people can’t make a plan for what’s going to happen next. Within .1 or .2 of a second, they are fairly vulnerable to their surrounding environment.

Today: Dr. Jim Buskirk

These fractions of a second can wreak havoc on anyone, including professional athletes. Kevin Dahl, a professional hockey player, has noticed that his eyes don’t catch up to the things that he wants to do physically, and is currently recovering from a concussion.


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