Today: Why Do Tough Mudder? Team Spirit & Grueling Physical Challenge


Today Show: Tough Mudder

The plaza outside of the Today Show studio looked more like a military training ground today as the cast prepared to take part in a mini Tough Mudder event. Tough Mudder events are grueling 12-mile courses that have participants working their way through 25 different obstacles, and draw thousands of people to each event.

Today Show: Why Do A Tough Mudder? & The Tough Mudder Story

If you are running through electrically charged wires, why do a Tough Mudder?


The vision of a former British counter-terrorism operative, he wanted to create an event that had teammates helping teammates and teams helping other teams in an effort to overcome challenges. It’s not a race that emphasizes getting to the finish line first, either. The atmosphere of Tough Mudder encourages people to turn around and help those behind them get to the finish, as well.

In the short three years since Tough Mudder started, it has captured the interest of people worldwide. Tough Mudder has gone from three events and 20,000 people in 2010, to 53 events and over one million people globally this year. Considering the obstacles that the events put participants through, that number isn’t too shabby.

Today Show: Why Do Tough Mudder?

One of the better-known Tough Mudder obstacles is the Arctic Bath, a dumpster full of over 15,000 pounds of ice that people dive into. The Kiss of Mud is a 40-foot crawl under barbed wire through dense mud. These challenges are nothing compared to the electric shocks, which are forest of dangling electrical wire charged with 10,000 volts. Yikes!


With all of this punishment, you might be left wondering: why do a Tough Mudder? But if you take one look at the camaraderie the events nurture, the Marine Veteran that plows through it with one arm, or the team member that is running in memory of a fallen family member in Afghanistan that shows why people really love these events.

Today Show Cast Does A Mini Tough Mudder

The cast of Today Show participated in a mini Tough Mudder, and the results were interesting. Willie looked like he was about to die crawling out of the Arctic Bath, and Al lost his glasses. I found myself cheering the team on as they made their way through obstacles with logs. The grand finale came from when the team had to make it up the ramp at the end. Natalie and Matt were the only ones to make it up the ramp on their first try. Watching this definitely made me want to do one of these things.


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