Today: Who Let The Dogs Out Piano Cover & Missing Brenda Heist Returns


Today: Three New People Charged In Connection To Boston Bombings

Because Natalie Morales was on assignment, Tamron Hall delivered the headlines May 2 2013. First, there are three new people charged in connection to the Boston Marathon Bombings. Three friends of the younger suspect are accused of interfering with the investigation. They are accused of taking a backpack from the suspect’s dorm room that contained empty fireworks tubes and disposing of it.

Raging Fire In Southern California

Today: Who Let The Dogs Out Piano Cover & Missing Brenda Heist Returns

I don’t know if the Baha Men ever got their answer: who did let the dogs out?


Firefighters are wrestling with a huge wildfire fire in southern California, which has already destroyed three thousand acres and at least one home. Officials fear the wind is going to pick up again today.

“Plan B” Age Limit Appeal

The Justice Department has appealed a judge’s order on the morning after pill. The judge lifted all age limits on who can buy the morning after pill and its cheaper generic version. The Justice Department said the judge overstepped his authority in eliminating all limits. Women’s groups are upset at the Justice Department. This decision came one day after the FDA’s decision to lower the buying age from 17 to 15.

Missing Woman Declared Legally Dead Turns Up Alive

Brenda Heist disappeared 11 years ago after dropping off her children at school. Police were baffled by the disappearance. Eventually, they had her declared dead. When Brenda disappeared, she and her husband Lee Heist were divorcing and Lee was a suspect in the murder. Lee Heist said there were people in the neighborhood who wouldn’t let their children play with his children.


But it turns out what actually happened is a lot more despicable. Brenda Heist has returned. She confessed that 11 years ago she snapped, fled to Florida and lived under a bridge, scrounging food from dumpsters. She told police she thought of her children every day, but she never acted on that impulse. It wasn’t until she was facing mounting health problems that she turned herself in to authorities. That’s right: she just left. She decided that scrounging for food from dumpsters was better than being with her children.

Police say there was no crime, so she hasn’t been charged. Her husband Lee Heist collected on her life insurance because she was declared dead. The two children who never knew what happened to their mother are now young adults. Lee Heist said that he thought it was a good thing for his kids she left.

“Who Let the Dogs Out” Piano Cover

On YouTube, a man named Matt Mulholland posted a video of his soft piano cover of the Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dogs Out?” Tamron Hall did a dance that was partly “Gangnam Style” inspired. Meanwhile, while the piano cover played, the camera zoomed in on Al Roker’s face as he looked deep in thought and mouthed the words. Then, Al Roker and Tamron Hall danced on either side of Willie Geist as he looked increasingly uncomfortable. I’m not sure if the Baha Men ever found their dogs, but I’m willing to bet wherever they are, they’re having a Homeward Bound style adventure.


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