Today: TSA Postpones Knife Ban Lift & Youtube Eight Year Anniversary


Today Show: Boston Bombing Suspect Talks

The Today Show reported April 23 2013 that the Boston Marathon bombing suspect said that he and his brother were motivated by religious fervor and had no ties to any terror groups. He is currently facing federal charges that could bring the death penalty. In a telephone interview, the suspect’s mother said that U.S. investigators had interrogated her in the past.

Today Show: Terror Plot In Canada Foiled

There will be a court appearance today for two men charged with plotting to derail a Canadian train on the Canadian portion of its route from New York City to Toronto. Officials say that the two men are not Canadian citizens and had help from Al Qaeda elements in Iran.


Today: TSA Postpones Knife Ban Lift & Youtube Eight Year Anniversary

It’s YouTube’s eight year anniversary today. (image credit: Annette Shaff,

Today Show: TSA Postpones Knife Ban Lift

TSA has postponed its controversial policy change that would’ve allowed small knives onto airplanes. It had been scheduled to go into effect this week, but it was postponed to be reviewed by an advisory committee.

Today Show: Singer Richie Havens Died Of Heart Attack

The first performer at Woodstock, singer Richie Havens, died Monday in New Jersey from a heart attack. He played for three hours at that event, most notably his song “Freedom,” which became his anthem after the festival. Richie Havens was 72-years-old.


Today Show: Eight Year Anniversary Of YouTube

April 23 2013 marks eight years since YouTube uploaded its first video. They showed a clip of the video, which was of a man talking about elephants and how long their trunks are. Natalie Morales pointed out that this was just the beginning of the relationship between humans and animals on YouTube. She was not kidding. From orangutans stealing t-shirts to puppies who can’t get out of bowls to spinning seals, humans love to film animals and put the videos on YouTube. And we love watching them, too.

Today Show: Chaz Bono Loses 60 Pounds

Chaz Bono recently tweeted that he’d hit the 60 pound weight loss mark. Cher’s son is the number one search on Yahoo! He credits dropping grains, sugar and most dairy from his diet, as well as high-intensity workouts.

Today Show: Evian Baby Dancing Video

Evian’s new inner baby dancing video has attracted more than 20 million YouTube hits, which only proves that we love babies as much as we do animals. The video shows Evian-loving people dancing in the street in front of mirrors and in the mirrors, there are the baby versions of the people dancing right back. The whole thing reminds me of that weird dancing baby that followed Ally McBeal  around.

Today Show: Wake Up With Al Roker

Al Roker is holding a contest where the winner can have Al Roker come to his or her town and spend the morning there. Outside, there was a bedroom set and several computers set up, where people could sign up for the contest. Ryan Seacrest was there, too, because today he’ll be guest hosting alongside the anchors. Ryan Seacrest said this was not the first time he and Al Roker had been in a bedroom together. “But enough about us,” Al Roker said.


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