Today: Stranded Siblings Swim For 14 Hours & Hyundai Pulls Suicide Ad


Today Show: Boston Marathon Bomb Suspect Moved Overnight

The Today Show reported April 26 2013 that the Boston Marathon bomb suspect was moved overnight from the Boston hospital where he’s been held since his arrest to a prison hospital in Massachusetts. Investigators say that the bombing suspects had a last minute plan to set off more bombs in Times Square, but they were stopped when one of them was killed and one of them was wounded last week.

Syrian Government Possibly Used Chemical Weapons Against Rebels

Today: Stranded Siblings Swim For 14 Hours & Hyundai Pulls Suicide Ad

Two siblings were forced to swim for 14 hours near St. Lucia in the Caribbean when strong waves overtook their fishing boat.


The White House said yesterday that they believe the Syrian government has probably used chemical weapons against rebel fighters. Officials said that President Obama would need more definitive proof in order to act. President Obama has said in the past that chemical weapons are a “red line” that the Syrian government must not cross.

Today Show: Two Siblings Swim For 14 Hours

A brother and sister had to swim for 14 hours when their boat sank during a vacation. Large waves swamped the boat, causing the two of them to abandon ship. In life jackets, the two of them spent an entire night worrying about sharks off the coast of St. Lucia before finally reaching land.

Alligators Pose Hazard At Golf Course

In New Orleans, alligators found their way onto a gold course during the Zurich Classic golf tournament. The video they showed on Today depicted a man sitting in his golf cart looking really grumpy as the alligator made its slow way in front of him. Which made me wonder if alligator crossings are a big problem in the south. As a guy from the suburbs of Detroit who has never seen an alligator, I find that fascinating. Anyway, the golf game resumed once the alligators ambled past.


Horrifying Hyundai Ad Pulled

Okay, so let’s play a game. What’s the worst idea for an ad ever? Do you have a really terrible idea in your head? Okay, I bet this actual ad from Hyundai beats it: the ad depicted a man trying to kill himself in his garage with the emissions from his Hyundai vehicle, but it didn’t work. Why? Because the Hyundai emissions were too “clean.”

Understandably, everyone in the known universe was offended or horrified or both by this terrible idea for an ad and Hyundai issued an apology. The ad has since been pulled. Good riddance. What I don’t understand is how this ad was made in the first place. You’d think somewhere down the line, an intern bringing the director of the commercial coffee would have said, “Um, sir? I don’t know how to say this, but this commercial is a really bad idea.”

Men Kicked Out Of Saudi Arabia For Being Too “Handsome”

Three male tourists were kicked out of Saudi Arabia for being too “handsome.” Apparently, this actually happened. They worried women would find them too “irresistible.” Was one of them Ryan Gosling? Probably not, but apparently being too handsome is something taken very seriously by Saudi Arabian authorities. Today showed a picture of a man who claimed on Facebook to be one of the men kicked out. “He is handsome,” Natalie Morales commented.


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