Today Show: Woman In Red Photo & Sunscreen Can Reverse Aging


Today Show: Photo Of Woman In Red, Turkish Protester, Goes Viral

Protests have been sweeping Turkey the last few days over the removal of a park, and amongst the protesters, an iconic figure has emerged with The Woman In Red. No, this isn’t The Matrix, but a photo has surfaced of the woman, who seems to be posing no threat to riot police, getting sprayed in the face with a pepper spray of some sort. The photo has gone viral since its release, symbolizing the brutality of the police at the riots.

Today Show: Photo Of Taco Bell Employee Licking Shells Goes Viral

Today Show: Woman In Red Photo & Sunscreen Can Reverse Aging

The Woman In Red has become a symbol for the protests in Turkey.


Another photo has gone viral as well, but this one hasn’t stirred emotions as much as it has turned stomachs. The picture is of a presumed Taco Bell employee licking an entire stack of hard taco shells and was posted to Taco Bell’s Facebook. Taco Bell insists the picture is a hoax, but that it is investigating, which isn’t exactly the best way to convince people that this is a hoax.

Today Show: Sunscreen Can Reverse Aging Of Skin, Study Suggests

One of Associated Press’s stories is getting a lot of attention after it cited a study that sunscreen be used not only when you’re headed out to the beach, but every day as well, because it can slow down the aging process of the skin. Whether or not the sun is out, the UV rays will still get through.

Today Show: Video Of High School Band Member Goes Viral

A high school band member is winning fans all over the internet for recovering from a break that occurred at a very inopportune moment. During the playing of the National Anthem, his cymbal broke, leaving him with only one, which would obviously not do. Instead of standing there oblivious, however, he set his unbroken symbol down and saluted the flag. That’s what I call thinking on your feet.


Today Show: Storm Chasers Die In Oklahoma

While tracking Friday’s tornadoes in Oklahoma, three storm chasers were caught in the storm and died tragically. Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel came on the show to talk about storm chasing. He said that this biggest fallout from this will likely come from weather channels placing their teams and scientists more tactically.

As for the thrill seekers who know that video of a tornado will sell well, there isn’t much that can be done for them, and they will probably still be out there. If the market for video of storms disappears, Jim Cantore would likely stop storm chasing. When it comes down to it, it’s his job. Matt and Al both hoped that storm chasing would be reduced.

Today Show: Jockey’s New Bra Sizing System

Jockey’s new sizing system works off of a 3D body system that comes from 10 fit cups developed from body scans of over 800 women. Jockey knew that women weren’t happy with the sizing system, and they looked at this as the opportunity to make a comfortable one.

The sizing kit is $19.95. With it, you get 10 volumetric fit cuts and a color-coded measuring tape. You find the cup that looks like it will fit you the best, try it on, and find the cup that best fits without any gapping, which results from the cup being too large, or spillage, which results from the cup being too small. Then, you measure your underbust. Then, you can order your bra.


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