Today Show: Will Smith No-Punishment Parenting & Men Wearing Makeup


Today Show: Obama’s Bumpy Second Term

Donny Deutsch, Star Jones, and Abby Huntsman all came in this morning to weigh in on some big topics, the first of which involved Obama’s troubled second term. Benghazi, the IRS, the Associated Press phone records that were taken from the AP—these controversial topics have been all over the news recently, and Obama’s face has been associated with them.

Though these topics don’t really have any relation to each other, what does all of this bad news mean for our president? Donny Deutsch calls it “wear out.” In this media age where we spend all our time looking at these candidates, we’re out of good news, so all that’s left to talk about is the bad. However, Abby Huntsman thought Donny was making light of much larger issues, and chalked it up to a lack of leadership, where he doesn’t take control sometimes. Star Jones agreed with this.


Today Show: States Want To Take Blood Alcohol Level For Driving Down To .05

Today Show: Will Smith No-Punishment Parenting & Men Wearing Makeup

Will Smith’s unique parenting methods were just one of the topics discussed on Today’s Professionals. (lev radin /

The National Transportation Safety Board is recommending that governments in the states should reduce the legal limit down to .05. Star Jones thinks that this is a good idea, and that we should do it because other countries have already lowered blood alcohol content limits or enacted a zero tolerance policy.

Abby Huntsman thought that it wouldn’t change anything because most deaths that occur as a result of drunk driving happen to people that are in the 1.5 BAC level—a level that is the result of five to seven drinks, not one or two that this new legal limit would allow. Donny Deutsch sided with Star Jones on this.


Today Show: Will Smith Uses No-Punishment Parenting Method

In a recent interview, Will Smith revealed that him and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, do not technically discipline their children. Instead, when a child does something wrong, they sit the child down and ask them, “how does this behavior work in your life?” This is called no-punishment parenting.

Donny Deutsch thought that there needs to be consequence for behavior, and this is very hard to teach without discipline. He thinks the future youth of America would suffer if everyone used Will Smith’s technique.

Abby Huntsman thought that the outcome was more important than just raw consequence, which she thought was occurring with Will Smith and his kids. Star Jones said that, while she didn’t quite understand it, she will say that Willow Smith and Jaden Smith have turned into pretty decent people at the hands of this parenting technique.

Today Show: Men Wearing Makeup

Last year alone, American consumers spent about $5 billion on cosmetics for men. This includes bronzers, under-eye concealers, and acne concealers. Women have been using these products for years. What does it mean now that men are using them?

Donny Deutsch looked at it as something that is still considered to be an unmanly thing to do, and that women would not necessarily look to that as dating material. Abby Huntsman thinks that we have become more progressive nowadays, and it’s okay for a man to want to look good. What it came down to, though, was that though acceptance of this might be on the horizon, it still isn’t exactly looked at as masculine.


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