Today Show: Wedding Etiquette & Organizing a Wedding With Social Media


Today Show: Wedding Etiquette In the Digital Age

For those that may wonder what all of the new technology on the market today means for etiquette, Amber Harrison, the wedding and etiquette maven at Wedding Paper Divas, came in to the Today Show on May 10 2013 to clue us in on the shifting etiquette landscape in the digital era.

Organizing Your Wedding On the Internet

Almost everyone has a smart phone these days, and what that means for your wedding is that a lot of guests are taking photos and sharing them. According to Amber Harrison, each guest shares an average of 22 photos, which can add up very quickly with even a small wedding. Amber suggested wedding websites like The Knot and Nearly Weds to help get all of these photos organized in one place in one big collaboration.


Today Show: Wedding Etiquette & Organizing a Wedding With Social Media

Wedding etiquette in the digital era adds a few new rules to traditional etiquette.

For those that want to use Twitter, hash tags can create a collaborative environment for wedding parties to get things organized. This also helps get your wedding guests involved, which can make for a much better ceremony. However, if you are going to go this route, Amber suggests that you let your guests know about this early and often.

Can You RSVP To a Wedding Over Email?

With email and text messaging taking over a lot of the traditional means of communication, many people are left wondering if it is okay to RSVP for a wedding via email, or if they should stick to the traditional card. Amber Harrison said that the RSVP card is not the only way to do things anymore. If you want, you can respond online on a website, or even an app. Yes, there have been apps designed just to RSVP for weddings. The important thing, Amber added, is that you follow the instructions.


Today Show: Weddings & Social Media

In addition to questions about RSVPs, others wondered how vocal you should be about the wedding on social media sites. Amber Harrison suggested that you take a cue from the couple on this one. If the couple has opened up a conversation about their upcoming wedding, feel free to join in. However, you do not want to be the one starting the conversation.

Taking Pictures At a Wedding

What about taking videos at the wedding? These aren’t disallowed, but the first thing you need to think about are your surroundings. You might really want to snap a picture of the adorable flower girls, but make sure you aren’t getting in the way of the paid wedding photographer to do so. Tablets are also great pieces of technology to capture pictures on, but they can be big and ultimately just as distracting as the person hopping into the aisle to get photos.

When it comes down to it, though, just stay in the moment of the wedding as much as you can. It’s an honor to be invited, so don’t spend the entirety of it looking down at your cell phone.


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