Today Show: Washington Post Comment Anonymity & Learn Without Learning


Today Show: Nurse Refuses CPR For Woman

On March 4 2013 the Today Show looked at a story about a nurse who would not perform CPR on an unconscious woman because it was the protocol for the independent living home she worked at. Although the 911 operator was pleading with the nurse to perform CPR on the woman, she said she was not allowed and the protocol at the home is to call 911 and wait for help.

Dr. Nancy Snydermann said the laws differ from state to state and different independent living homes have different rules. She also pointed out the children of the woman who died after not receiving CPR are satisfied with the level of care given to their mother. In the end, Dr. Snydermann said the older woman may not have wanted to be resuscitated and Dr. Snydermann defended the nurse who made the decision to follow the protocol.


Star Jones, who seemed a bit upset that Dr. Snydermann agreed with the nurse, said the woman made the decision because of her employment policy but she should have helped the woman. Because of good samaritan laws she would not have been sued for performing the CPR. It was pointed out she may have lost her job though.

Today Show: Washington Post Comment Anonymity & Learn Without Learning

The Today Show Professionals gave their views on comment anonymity on the Washington Post website, and a new study hooks rat brains together for learning.

Did the nurse do the right thing?


Today Show: Washington Post Ombudsman, “Stop Comment Anonymity”

Patrick Pexton, the ombudsman for the Washington Post, wrote his final column about the comment section of website. He said he was all for the give-and-take of the comment section early on, but has become quite disillusioned with the anonymity of the comments which has led to sexist, racist and rude comments all over the site.

“The rest were from readers who like the idea of online comments but abhor the hatefulness, name-calling, racism and ideological warfare that are constant features of The Post’s commenting stream,” he said, talking about what 80 percent of the comments represent.

Dr. Snydermann said if you are in a public forum it should be mandatory you use your own name so people know who made the comment. Donny Deutsch said the level of disgusting comments and tweets he receives all the time is “insanity.” Star Jones likened it to the KKK being under the mask. She said you can do whatever you want and say whatever you want when you are under the mask and the people making hateful comments are just under the mask of the internet.

All three of the Today Show Professionals thought getting rid of the anonymity of the comments might make people comment less but it would make the comments more thoughtful and relevant to the conversation.

Today Show: Duke University Connects Brains Of Two Rats

Researchers at Duke University have successfully connected two rat brains and transferred the knowledge from one rat brain to the other rat brain, essentially teaching the one rat how to perform different tasks without having to teach the rat how to perform the tasks.

Star Jones thought it was amazing while Donny Deutsch said people are becoming so “bloated and lazy” they don’t even want to learn anymore. He said he would never use the new technology if it was offered to humans.

Don’t get your hopes up too soon, said Dr. Snydermann. She said the rat model is not a good human model as well. But if she could have the procedure done on her she would really want to learn several languages without having to actually “learn” them.


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