Today Show: Vocational School Gives Teens Chance At Manufacturing Jobs


Today Show: Teens Are Great At Texting & Manufacturing Jobs

Today had a few spotlights on some very unusual trends with teenagers. The anchors were all mystified by these trends and I have to say, I was, too. Teens are now better at texting then they are at typing, and one school in Massachusetts is proving that teenagers can go right into the manufacturing sector after high school without a college degree, making $45,000 a year. But these aren’t your grandpa’s factories. They’re not grueling, 12 hour a day assembly line repetitive jobs. These teens are working with computers and robots to create everything from medical devices to board games.

Today Show: Teen Texting Trend

Today Show: Vocational School Gives Teens Chance At Manufacturing Jobs

Is there a possibility that texting will overtake traditional typing? The trends seem to indicate that. If the rate at which Americans, and particularly teenagers, text is any indication, it almost seems inevitable.


Okay, so we all know teens text. It’s almost a cliche now to show a teenage girl on television texting, just as it was a cliche in the 90s to show a teenage girl talking on the landline with the chord of the phone wrapped around her finger. But it turns out this trend isn’t just about texting a friend to see a movie or keeping in contact with your boyfriend or girlfriend all day long. Texting is slowly changing the way we think about typing. Is the keyboard on its way out?

In a spotlight that showed the history of typing from the days of typewriters to modern day smartphones, Today argued that the next logical conclusion for our technology is a greater reliance on touch screens and two-thumb typing. Once upon a time, typewriters were king. Every office desk had one. But as we moved into computers, people became more comfortable with the keyboard. But now, just as the typewriter replaced handwriting, and the computer replaced the typewriter, we’re in the midst of a texting takeover.

Americans send an estimated six billion texts a day. Teens send up to 60 texts a day and the teens Today talked to said they were better at texting than computers. Today even talked to a teen who wrote an entire book report while texting. It seems like the teens today are so comfortable with texting, it seems inevitable that the two-thumb typing method will eventually overtake the keyboard. Savannah Guthrie remembered getting a typewriter as a young girl and loved being able to type letters to her parents and friends. Now, a teenager can do that with a smart phone and be in instant communication with everyone they know.


Teens Take Manufacturing By Storm

The unemployment rate for people under the age of 25 is 16.2 percent, which is double the national average. But there’s a new program in Massachusetts helping teens get manufacturing jobs. The best part for some teenagers? You don’t even have to get a college degree to be hired. Today talked to a teenager in the midst of the program now who said his friends thought it was a stupid choice for him to go to a vocational school rather than a high school. But now, this teen is set to make $45,000 a year when he graduates next year. That’s because he chose Pathfinder Vocational Technical High School. Every graduate of the school in 2011 found a career in their field after graduation. And again, that’s without a college degree.

The teen said that he loved the program because he’ll make that money without the burden of student loans. Mary Jane Rickson, assistant superintendent, said that the manufacturing companies are searching for highly skilled people and can’t expand until they get more. Massachusetts expects as many as 100,000 new advanced manufacturing jobs in the next decade.

It’s important to consider, too, that these factories are not the assembly-line style of 50 years ago. These teens are working with robots and computers. They’re not doing the same repetitive motion over and over again.


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