Today Show: Tori Locklear Burned Off Hair on YouTube Beauty Tutorial


Today Show: Tori Locklear Hair Curling Viral Video

A Florida teenager, Tori Locklear, has been on Ellen and now the Today Show because of a YouTube video she made teaching people the “correct” way to curl hair. When I write “correct,” it is because this 13-year-old actually burned off some of her hair while making the video and her face when she finally sees the hair burning on the curling iron is priceless.

Locklear said she made the video last October and the section of hair she accidentally burned off is still growing back. She said she had no idea she had burned off her hair. She didn’t smell it or feel it when it came off.


Today Show: Tori Locklear Burned Off Hair on YouTube Beauty Tutorial

Florida teen Tori Locklear accidentally burned off pieces of hair while making a YouTube beauty tutorial, so the Today Show gave her some hair curling tips.

So why did it take her so long to post the video? Locklear said her father grounded her right after she made the video because of bad grades. Fast forward over four months later, and Locklear got her computer back. Thinking the video was hilarious, Locklear posted it on Facebook where it went viral and where her father, who told her not to make a Facebook account, saw it and grounded her for a second time.

Tough crowd in her house.


Today Show: Ted Gibson Hair Curling Tips

In an effort for Locklear to learn the proper way to curl her hair they brought in celebrity stylist Ted Gibson to show her how to get her hair perfectly curled.

Gibson said he has seen other people do this before because many women don’t know your has to be completely dry and a little hair spray is going to help make sure the hair doesn’t get too hot. He also advised everyone to check the temperature dial on the curling iron. If it is too hot, you might be the next person with missing hair and a viral video with 14 million views.

Gibson said to curl the hair you should take one inch sections of hair and curl it around the curling iron, leaving the tip of the hair hanging below the iron. Next, leave the hair on the iron for five to seven seconds, not the 20 seconds Locklear advised in her video. Finally, slide the hair off and you’re done. But don’t do it too often, said Gibson. Think of it as heat therapy for the hair because curling it too often with cause heat damage.

Have you ever burned some of your hair off?


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