Today Show: Steve Harvey Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox Benefit & Review


Today Show: Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox Review

Steve Harvey has been on a strictly juice and soup diet for the past six days and he said he is feeling better than ever. The Today Show wanted to learn more about his new detox diet so they sat down with the creator, Roni DeLuz, and the diet and nutrition editor for the Today Show, Madelyn Fernstrom.

Today Show: Steve Harvey Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox Benefit & Review

Steve Harvey explained how his new Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox is going to the Today Show hosts and went over the benefits of losing weight and getting healthy.


Harvey said after only six days of the diet he could feel his body become healthier and he could feel the cleansing happening. He explained he likes the diet because it clears out any unhealthy foods in his body and as a side effect of the diet, he’s losing some weight as well. He said he lost 18 pounds the last time he did the detox and he only did it for 14 days then.

DeLuz said the detox diet works because it strives to get rid of the nearly 300 toxins our bodies come in contact with on a daily basis. She specialized the plan to help a person detox and diet, but she said you can’t just drink any juice you want. Drinking juice with a high sugar content is not good and not eating soup with not enough protein can also cause some problems. But if you follow the plan, DeLuz said you will see your hair become shinier, your face become brighter and your weight will start falling off your body.

Today Show: Martha’s Vineyard Detox Diet Benefits

Madelyn Fernstrom said she is only worried about people getting too much protein in their diet. When eating and drinking foods high in protein and nutrients, it can be easy to get too many, and for someone who is not healthy enough, this could be detrimental to your health. Fernstrom suggested checking with your doctor before starting the detox and no one with diabetes or a heart disease should start this without consulting a doctor first.


The Today Show understood how the detox diet could work but how do you keep the detox going at 21 days? DeLuz pointed out many people will get more nutrients in one day than the average person does in two weeks, which means every person on the diet detox plan needs to transition themselves back into a healthy lifestyle after the detox is over.

Is this the detox diet you have been looking for? Let us know if it works when you try it.


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