Today Show: Starbucks Coffee Has Most Caffeine & Coffee is Hydrating


Today Show: Caffeinated Nation

The Today Show had a two part special about America’s obsessions with coffee starting March 14 2013. The first day of series, titled Caffeinated Nation, looked at the amount of coffee we drink in America, how big the industry has grown over time and the Today Show talked with one expert who answered viewers’ questions about coffee.

Today Show: Coffee In America

Americans love their coffee. They like it black. They like it with sugar. They like it with milk. They like it in the morning, the afternoon and at night. It would almost seem that as a nation, we are addicted to coffee.


Today Show: Starbucks Coffee Has Most Caffeine & Coffee is Hydrating

The Today Show answered questions about coffee for viewers, like which coffee brand has the most caffeine, whether it stunts growth and is it hydrating?

Over 400 million cups of coffee are drank each and every day in America. And according to a Zagat survey, Americans spend an average of $2.98 on a cup of coffee, which adds up to the coffee being a $30 billion a year industry. We even have expressions for coffee that have blended in with our culture, and did you know September 29 is National Coffee Day?

People are obsessed with coffee but they are addicted to the caffeine. People can become quite addicted to the caffeine as the Today Show found out when they asked a few people what they would give up in life, with many of them saying anything but their coffee in the morning. An online Today Show poll revealed that 85 percent of people said they cannot go without their morning cup of coffee.


Today Show: Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth?

The Today Show gathered a few questions from viewers about coffee and brought on nutritionist Monica Reinagel, author of Secrets for a Health Diet, to answer some of the coffee questions.

Which Coffee Has the Most Caffeine?

Reinagle said there is a big range when looking at the difference in caffeine in different brands of coffee. Starbucks coffee has the most caffeine with around 250 mg in a tall while Seattle’s Best had the least amount of caffeine in their coffee with only 125 mg per 12 ounce cup. Both McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts were in the middle with around 165 mg of caffeine in each 12 ounce cup.

Reinagle said around 500 mg of caffeine a day is a healthy amount.

Do Darker Roasts Have More Caffeine?

Reinagle said it is the opposite. Darker roasts of coffee actually have less caffeine.

Does Drinking Coffee Stunt Growth?

Reinagle said it does not stunt growth but she wouldn’t recommend giving it to child, saying, “they are naturally caffeinated.” She also said coffee is not good for pregnant woman to drink because it can cause complications in the womb.

Does Coffee Hydrate the Body?

Reinagle said coffee does hydrate the body. She explained that caffeine is a substance that makes you use the restroom often but coffee has more water in it than you are losing when you use the bathroom.

Is Coffee Better Than Tea?

Reinagle said coffee and tea come from two different plants but both of them have caffeine. She said you would need three times as much tea to see any of the benefits of coffee though.

Is Coffee an Appetite Suppressant?

Reinagle said coffee is not an appetite suppressant unless you want to drink so much you fill up your stomach and become full.


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