Today Show: SoulCycle’s Founders Elizabeth Cutler And Julie Rice


Today Show: SoulCycle Becomes The New Fitness Crazy

SoulCycle, one of the latest fitness industry trends, could be coming to your city very soon. Created by two women who wanted to make working out fun and inspirational, SoulCycle’s philosophy is part spin, part party, and part meditation. The calorie-burning sessions play out over 45 minutes in candle-lit studios and a unique blend of cardio and strength training exercise. The philosophy has developed an almost cult-like following, including many celebrities.

Today Show: The Origins Of SoulCycle

Today Show: SoulCycle's Founders Elizabeth Cutler And Julie Rice

SoulCycle, the newest fitness industry trend, puts a spin on spin.


Julie Rice, co-founder and co-CEO of SoulCycle, never thought that she would end up in the fitness business. The married mother of two spent much of her life as a Hollywood talent manager. After living in California with a demographic that makes fitness a lifestyle, she found that she was not getting the same experience when she came back to New York. So she started SoulCycle with Elizabeth Cutler, a woman she had just met who shared similar views on fitness. After writing out their business plan on a napkin one day, they got started.

Today Show: SoulCycle Is Somewhere Your Kids Would Want To Work

The workplace for SoulCycle follows the same philosophy as their workouts do. Workers show up to work in gym clothes and are encouraged to get in one workout a day. “We think about creating a place where our kids would want to come to work,” said Elizabeth Cutler, “where people are actually going to grow up and have careers inside of a business that is growing larger and larger and larger.”

Most of the staff is under 30 and female. This is because Elizabeth finds women to be great entrepreneurs because the manage households, which basically equates to a small business.


Today Show: SoulCycle Plans To Quadruple In Size In The Next Two Years

Though the business started as nothing but a few ideas on a napkin, it has now grown to a group of over 5,000 riders a day across 14 studios in California and New York, with a plan to quadruple the number of studios in the next two years. Part of this success comes from the philosophy that SoulCycle encourages its participants to adopt: don’t think about it, just put one foot in front of the other and do it. This mentality gets the class members going, putting a new spin on not only spin, but life itself.


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