Today Show: Savannah Guthrie Feed America Public Service Announcement


Today Show: Public Service Announcements

The Today Show hosts have been teaming up with the Ad Campaign to make public service announcements about issues they feel deeply about, from fatherhood to the weather. Matt Lauer made his own public service announcement about the importance of fatherhood involvement, Al Roker weathered a storm during his PSA to bring more awareness to natural disaster preparedness and Natalie Morales and her dog, Zara, teamed up to shed some light on the importance of adopting animals from shelters.

For the final installment of Today Takes Action, Savannah Guthrie teamed up with Feeding America to highlight the need for everyone in America to stand up against hunger in our own nation.


Today Show: Savannah Guthrie Feed America Public Service Announcement

The Today Show watched as Savannah Guthrie talked with students in Connecticut who often go hungry and she made her feeding America public service announcement. (spirit of america /

Today Show: Savannah Guthrie Feeding America PSA

Nearly one in six Americans go hungry every day and it is something that can be prevented. To find out how close to home hunger can hit, Guthrie traveled to a middle school in a suburban Connecticut neighborhood where she met some of the 50 million Americans suffering from hunger.

The children said they think about food all the time. One told Guthrie she doesn’t always get to eat dinner before she goes to bed and another said there have been many times when he opened the fridge door and nothing was inside. One girl even admitted she was scared someone would find out how poor she was and make fun of her for being hungry.


Lunchtime for these students means something far different than it does for other students. It means they know they are going to eat today. One of the little girls Guthrie talked with said it made her sad when her classmates would throw food away. “Keep them for leftovers,” she said.

Guthrie also talked with the principal of the school who told her the mindset in America is to always help the needy and hungry in foreign countries because they don’t realize it is happening here too.

Today Show: Super Hero Hunger Fighters

Guthrie wanted to know what the children would do if they were in her place and able to help fight in the war on hunger. They told her they would become super heros. They would use their super powers to deliver food to all the needy people in America, which gave Guthrie an idea for her PSA. She was going to feed America.

Today Show: Feeding America Public Service Announcement

Guthrie teamed up with an advertising agency which helped her bring her idea to life. They filmed her as she connected table after table, stretching out of her house, down her stairs, across the street and through the whole of New York City. The PSA depicted her getting ready to throw the world’s biggest dinner party for all the hungry people in America.


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