Today Show: Ryan Gosling Hiatus & Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z Summer Tour


Today Show: The Croods Review

The Croods will be hitting theaters this weekend and Joe Levy, the editor for Billboard, said this is a 3D movie that is just stunning. The movie is about a prehistoric family who just wants to live in their cave but are dragged out into the wilderness when their rebellious daughter decides she wants to explore the unknown.

Levy said this is a great family movie. The children are going to love the movie while the parents will probably want more from the plot but at least they will be able to appreciate the beautiful animation in the film.


Today Show: Admission Review

Tina Fey‘s newest movie, Admission, is a great movie to see this weekend if you have a date. The movie stars Tina Fey as an admissions officer for Princeton who travels to a high school run by a friend from her college years. Levy said this movie is more serious than you would think from the commercials but he said it is also really funny.

Today Show: Ryan Gosling Hiatus & Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z Summer Tour

The Today Show found out Ryan Gosling is taking a break from movies, and Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z are going on tour this summer. (s_bukley /

Today Show: Olympus Has Fallen Review

Another great movie to see this weekend is Olympus Has Fallen starring Gerard Butler as a secret service agent who must save the president when the White House is taken over by terrorists. Levy said this is your typical shoot ’em up movie, comparing it to Die Hard.


Today Show: Blake Shelton Based On a True Story Review

Blake Shelton’s eight studio record, Based on a True Story, is coming out next week, right after the premiere of the The Voice.

Today Show: The Strokes Come Down Machine Review

The Strokes have new music out. The band, which has been named the beginning of the revival for New York rock ‘n roll, came out with their newest album recently, Comedown Machine, which Levy said is his favorite record since their first album in 2001.

Today Show: Depeche Mode Delta Machine Album

Depeche Mode’s 13th studio album, Delta Machine, has come out, and Levy said it is more bluesy than any of their other albums, but he also really liked the new album.

Today Show: Ryan Gosling Taking a Hiatus From Movies

To get the latest scoop on Hollywood stars, the Today Show turned to Jason Kennedy who told them the biggest news right now is that Ryan Gosling is going to be taking a break from movies. The actor hasn’t said how long the hiatus will be but many insiders don’t think he will be gone for too long.

Today Show: Jessica Chastain Ad Campaign Overseas

Jessica Chastain took to Twitter to show her excitement over her new ad campaign for YSL. She even took a photo of herself next to her new ad saying she was “geeked out.”  Kennedy pointed out that Chastain has not been a big name actress for very long so everything, even a billboard with her face on it, it something new and exciting for her.

Today Show: Kelly Osbourne Back On Fashion Police

Kelly Osbourne is going to be back on Fashion Police tonight. She has been off the show for a few weeks after she fainted on set and had to spend five days in the hospital. Kennedy said doctors still have no idea why she fainted or why she had a seizure.

Today Show: Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z Summer Tour

Justin Timberlake has been everywhere lately. Last week it was Timberweek on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. This week he released his music video for “Mirrors,” about his grandparents’ 63 year marriage before his grandfather died. And this summer Justin Timberlake is going to be co-headlining a tour with Jay-Z.

Can Justin Timberlake be any cooler?

Today Show: Gourmet Popcorn, Quinn Pop Review

To get the latest on the best foods to eat this spring, the Today Show invited Shape magazine Editor at Large Bahar Takhtehchian on the set and the first food she wanted to look at was gourmet popcorn. She said people are loving gourmet popcorn flavors like sun dried tomato, dark chocolate covered popcorn and jalapeno pepper popcorn.

  • Quinn Pop

Today Show: Sweet and Savory Tea Reviews

We have come a long way from just Earl Grey tea to some sweet and savory flavored teas. You can get teas with vegetable flavors like tomato mint and spinach flavors. You can also have dessert-inspired tea like red velvet cake.

Today Show: Spray On Moisturizer, Vaseline Review

Spray on moisturizers are the big thing this spring. Bahar said they are perfect for the woman on the go because they can take the spray anywhere. And for anyone against the spray, Bahar said there are also moisturizing wipes as well.

  • Vaseline Moisturizing Spray
  • H20 Plus Moisturizing Spray
  • Lotion Lab Moisturizing Wipes

Today Show: BioBliss Anti-Wrinkle Patch Review

Are you trying to get rid of some stubborn wrinkles? Bahar said BioBliss’ Anti-Wrinkle Patch System is the way to go. In only 30 minutes the patch will reduce wrinkles on all parts of the face.


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