Today Show: Ringo Starr Photograph Review & Erin Brockovich Arrested


Today Show: Ringo Starr Photograph Review

Ringo Starr of The Beatles has a new project coming out in the form of a new interactive e-book called Photograph, a collection of photographs from his early childhood, when he got his first car, and his first set of drums. He said that he has only recently discovered all of the pictures, which is why the book is only just coming out.

From the moments of having fans pressing their faces into the windows of their cars, to the quieter ones such as Paul McCartney washing his face, the book covers it all. Ringo Starr got a little nostalgic in his interview, saying that he would love to play with The Beatles again.  He also promised to release a new hardcover book later in the year.


Today Show: Dashlane App Review

Today Show: Ringo Starr Photograph Review & Erin Brockovich Arrested

Ringo Starr has made a new, interactive e-book called Photograph. (s_bukley /

There is a new free app that promises to save you time and trouble by collecting all of your passwords and putting them in one place called Dashlane. Though the idea of having your passwords all in one place, people don’t want to have to remember a bunch of different passwords. It was suggested that, perhaps, you should use a passphrase instead of a password.

Today Show: Erin Brockovich Arrested

Erin Brockovich was arrested for allegedly boating while intoxicated over the weekend in Las Vegas. The activist apologized for her conduct, quickly owning up to what she did.


Today Show: Simon Cowell Egged On Britain’s Got Talent

Simon Cowell, the judge everyone loves to hate, was pelted with eggs today on the finale of Britain’s Got Talent this weekend when a former contestant hopped on stage during an opera performance and threw five eggs at the judge. Simon Cowell appeared to take it all in stride, tweeting, “I don’t think eggs should be allowed on talent show. Discuss?” The egg-lobber apologized for the egging, so that probably helped.

Today Show: Cyndi Lauper Tony Award

Cyndi Lauper won her first Tony Award last night for scoring Kinky Boots, and gave an incredibly emotional acceptance speech.

Today Show: Jen Hatmaker Worst End-Of-School Parent Ever

Jen Hatmaker described herself herself as the worst end-of-school-year mom ever on her blog, and with good reason. On her blog, she confessed to using one of her scarfs and a pair of soccer socks for her son’s colonial costume and to actually taking things out of the trash to make an end-of-the-year poster for another one of her children. She was quick to say, though, that they were doing great back in October.

Jen Hatmaker said that the fatigue of putting up with the constant stream of emails, parties, and field trips that, by April and May, is just getting old. She thought that schools are asking a lot more of parents nowadays, because she never remembered having her mother being in the classroom as much as she has been in the classroom. She wanted to be clear that she is not anti-teacher, though.


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