Today Show: Randy Jackson Leaving American Idol & Mission Impossible 5


Today: Jack Rico & Billy Bush

Jack Rico, Editor in Chief of, came by Today May 10 2013 to talk about the latest headlines. Billy Bush, a guest co-anchor alongside Natalie Morales, told Jack Rico he thought “Jack Rico” was the best name and that he didn’t think anyone could call him Mr. Rico or just Jack, they had to call him Jack Rico. Billy Bush had already commented on Benedict Cumberbatch’s name earlier in the broadcast. Whether this was because these people actually have cool names, or if it’s because Billy Bush didn’t know what to contribute, is unclear.

Randy Jackson Leaving American Idol?

Today Show: Randy Jackson Leaving American Idol & Mission Impossible 5

Randy Jackson announced he’s leaving American Idol after this season. He was one of the original trio of judges, including Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. (image credit: Featureflash /


The first topic they discussed was Randy Jackson’s announcement that he was leaving American Idol. Jack Rico said that Fox executives are probably going in a completely different direction next year with the judges. By the time the judges found out, Randy Jackson preemptively quit before he was let go. But what does this mean for American Idol next year?

Problem With American Idol’s Judges

In my opinion, the problem with the American Idol formula is that all the coaching goes on behind-the-scenes. The judges can only offer advice after the fact, when the damage has already been done. A show like The Voice, however, shows us the whole process and lets us know how the contestants moved through a particular song to have the polished version we see performed before us live. The Voice also doesn’t force its contestants to sing “standards” that were popular when my grandmother was a little girl, but that’s an entirely different discussion.

Jack Rico wondered if this was the end of American Idol as we know it. If it is, I think it’s because of the judges panel this season, who agreed with each other every single time and said different variations of the same thing, except for Keith Urban, who had to sit in between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, who constantly fought about things unrelated to the contestants. Keith Urban was the only one who ever had any insight. But I think overall, new judges would be key to a revitalized American Idol. Wherever American Idol goes, the judges, their insights and their chemistry has to be one of the biggest concerns.


Tom Cruise Mission Impossible 5

Tom Cruise is looking at making Mission Impossible 5, which Jack Rico said was a huge surprise, because a lot of actors don’t want to carry franchises anymore. He’s also 50-years-old and still doing his own stunts. Billy Bush added that he was the “most intense man in Hollywood.”

The Great Gatsby Review

The Great Gatsby comes out today. Jack Rico said it was supposed to come out last year around Oscars season, but they pushed it back to summer, because it’s a 3D film. Jack Rico thought that they pushed it back because they didn’t want Leonardo DiCaprio going against himself at the box office because at that time Django Unchained was in theaters.


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