Today Show: Private Re-Homing, International Adoption & Survivor Nina


Today Show: Private Re-Homing

Recently, Today profiled an online network that connects parents with new homes for their children in an underground adoption process known as Private Re-Homing, which is not very well regulated by the government. Savannah Guthrie said Today Show reports drew a lot of attention, and reporter Kate Snow returned with an update.

Today: Adoption Re-Homing Survivor Nina

Today Show: Private Re-Homing, International Adoption & Survivor Nina

Today shared an update on its Private Re-Homing international adoption story with Reuters, which followed children being secretly shuffled among parents.


Kate said that many viewers wondered whether this underground network could be stopped. Reuters and Today catalogued countless posts from online message boards, where parents would arrange to hand over children to others.

Nina was adopted from Haiti by a family in Idaho. When things did not go as planned, the family attempted to find four new homes for her. She said that there was no way to know where she might end up, or who the people were that she was being casually passed off to.

Today Show: Cincinnati Children’s International Adoption Center

In one of the four homes where she spent time, she was physically and verbally abused. When she spoke up, she was sent packing once again. Now the father is awaiting trial on abuse charges.


Lack of support for parents performing overseas adoption can be challenging. Dr Mary Staat founded Cincinnati Children’s International Adoption Center to offer a safety net of support for children and families of adopted children, because sometimes behavioral issues can crop up unexpectedly.

Today: Therapy for International Adoptions

Internationally adopted kids are often subjected to neglect and trauma, which can cause behaviors like anxiety and anger later on. One family spoke about how the children and parents are learning together.

Kate Snow said that more programs like this are needed. As for Nina, she is doing better, and she has found a new family to call home.

Today Show: Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Solver

Emil De Leon went viral this week when he solved a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune with only two letters revealed. Carson Daly reminded the Today Show audience of the moment with a clip of the shocking win.

He said it was hard to keep a secret since taping the show in January 2014. Daly noted that the contestant had a perfect score in his audition and inquired about his puzzle-solving skills. “I’ve been watching Wheel of Fortune since I was a kid,” he said.

Natalie Morales said she was among the conspiracy theorists that questioned the outcome. De Leon said that his friends and family know his talents as a puzzle solver. “My skills prove that everything is real,” he said.


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