Today Show: Prancercise Review & Al Roker Prancercise Fitness Workout


Today Show: Prancercise Review

Joanna Rohrback, creator of the internet viral hit “Prancercise,” came on the show today to explain what exactly her…unique exercise program is all about. The exercise trend started when she was doing a very intense exercise routine that involved power walking with ankle weights. One day, Joanna was hearing some rhythmically stimulating music, and started throwing in a few dance moves along with her walking, and before she knew it, she had developed the trot, the walk, the gallop, and the box. She had no idea that Prancercise would talk off like it did, and said that she was “flabbergasted” to have gotten so much attention from it.

Of course, you can’t bring the inventor of Prancercise on television with you and not Prancercise, so Natalie Morales and Al Roker prancersised with Joanna Rohrback. It was hard not to notice Al and Natalie being just a little patronizing towards Joanna, but she seemed unperturbed, Prancercising all over the set like she owned the stall…er…place.


Today Show: Where Prancercise Came From & Joanna Rohrback Shows Us Prancercise

Where did prancercise come from and why should you do it?

Today Show: Where Prancercise Came From

Though this may seem like a recent phenomenon given all of the media attention, the idea of Prancercise is over 20 years old, and you’re probably wondering where Prancercise came from, anyways. Joanna Rohrback first Prancercised back in 1989 while she was living near Hollywood. She heard a really good tune one day while power walking, and just started throwing some of her own moves into her walk. Pretty soon, these “moves” were looking more like motions a horse with two legs might go through, and so Prancercise was born.

Joanna started getting asked about the routine so much that, in fear of someone stealing her idea, she filmed the routine, called it ” Funky Punky’s Prancercise Program,”  and filed it at the Library Of Congress. This was the ’80s, remember. There was no YouTube back then.


So why did it take so long for the Prancercise to come to light? Well, nearly a decade ago, Joanna Rohrback had to undergo extensive surgeries, sidelining her. It wasn’t until recently that she was able to prance once again, and prance she has.


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