Today Show Pope Francis Blesses Harley Bikes & “Colllege” World Series


Today Show: Mayor Bloomberg Brings Composting to New York City

Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants New Yorkers to start separating food scraps. This is in an effort to start a composting program in New York City. The program will be voluntary at first, unlike recycling, which is mandatory in New York City. Matt Lauer reports that people that participate will separate the food in a sealable container, much like a Tupperware or Ziploc storage, and then place it on the sidewalk a few days after sealing.

Today Show Pope Francis Blesses Harley Bikes & "Colllege" World Series

The College World Series in Nebraska was interrupted this weekend when fans noticed the misspelled signs on the dugout — “Colllege” World Series.


Mayor Bloomberg has become known for his innovative, creative, and a little bit wacky ideas to conserve and preserve the world. He wanted to pass a law about cigarette advertisement in convenience stores earlier this year, hoping to deter kids from using.

Today: College World Series’ Sign Misspelled in Omaha, Nebraska

As Homer Simpson would say, “D’oh!” At the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska, baseball teams lined up in front of their dugouts with a very strange sign. Apparently it’s now the “Colllege” World Series. The sign has since been fixed, but for the first day of games, officials had to keep the misspelled sign up because they couldn’t replace it without disturbing the play of the game.

Today Show: Man of Steel Opening Weekend Sales Break June Record

Proving that Superman will always be a fan favorite, Man of Steel grossed over $200 million at the box office worldwide opening weekend. $125 million of that came from U.S. ticket sales. Fans were unable to control themselves, tweeting and Facebooking their joy about the latest addition. It broke the record for a movie opening in June, beating out Toy Story 3, which made $110 million during its opening. Man of Steel is already grossing 40% of what The Dark Knight made.


Today: Blessing of the Bikes by the Pope

An unusual sight over the weekend in Rome, Pope Francis came out to bless Harley Davidson bikers and their hogs. Celebrating the 110 anniversary of Harley Davidson, the sound of the motorcycles almost drowned out the Lord’s prayer. Harley Davidson gave the Pope two new white Harleys for his police force.


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