Today Show: Philip Galanes Social Q’s – How to Handle a Rude Cashier


Today Show: How To Handle a Rude Cashier

What would you do if a cashier was being rude to you? Would you just wait for the person to get off the phone and help you check out or would you ask the cashier to get off the phone and do their job? In an effort to answer those questions the Today Show hired an actress to be the rudest cashier she could be while she pretended to work in the NBC Experience store.

At first, the Today Show told the actress to not pay attention to the customers at all and just talk or text on her phone. The first couple people the actress fooled didn’t say a word to the rude cashier. They simply waited for her to stop messing around. When the Today Show revealed their rude cashier to be an actress, one woman said she didn’t want to argue with the cashier because she wasn’t in any kind of hurry. Another woman told the Today Show she didn’t mind not being helped, saying she thought it was fun to watch the cashier run around telling her fellow employees how strange her text messages were that day.


Today Show: Philip Galanes Social Q's - How to Handle a Rude Cashier

The Today Show set up an actress in the NBC store to see how people reacted to a rude cashier, and Social Q’s columnist Philip Galanes gave his advice.

Next, the Today Show told the cashier to start talking loudly about her personal relationships. When they revealed to a few customers what was happening, one of them said she didn’t mind, saying she has dealt with rude service before. Another person, who looked really annoyed at first, simply jumped into the conversation, but not about getting checked out. He lent some advice to the cashier about her personal problems. He also told the Today Show he actually enjoyed eavesdropping on the young cashier.

Finally, the Today Show told the cashier to ask people for numerous forms of I.D. before allowing them to pay. This was the only point in the segment someone actually spoke up about how ridiculous they were being treated. One woman told the cashier to stop looking at her friend with dirty looks. She told the Today Show after it was revealed she was just pranked, she knew she had to speak up because at her work, everything revolves around customer service.


Today Show: Philip Galanes Handling a Rude Cashier

Social Q’s columnist Philip Galanes said the Today Show ran into some very polite people probably because the NBC Experience store is more about leisurely browsing and most people won’t cause a fight over a small purchase. However, if this experiment had taken place in a busy shopping center or a place selling expensive merchandise, Galanes said a lot more people would have spoken up about a rude cashier.

Galanes’ advice for handling a rude cashier is to be as nice as possible. He said speaking up and using body language are key to getting what you want from a rude employee. He advised putting on a smile, leaning over the counter and politely asking for help. When the transaction is done he said to “reinforce the good behavior” of the employee by saying “thank you” as you leave.

If that doesn’t work, ask for the manager. What would you do in this situation? Would you wait for the rude cashier to help you or would you say something to the person?


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