Today Show: Oscar Fashion & Helen Hunt H&M Dress on Oscar Red Carpet


Today Show: 2013 Oscar Fashion

The Oscars were last night and Al Roker was in Hollywood to get the scoop on all the best Oscar fashion. This year, Roker said it was all about the three B’s: beaded dresses, bold colors and beards.

Roker even got a big hug from Best Actress nominee and winner, Jennifer Lawrence, after she told him he was the only person she was hoping she could meet. She told him she was trying to sneak away for a minute to get a Big Mac but she couldn’t seem to slip away. At least she didn’t leave before she won the Oscar.


Today Show: Best and Worst Dressed At the Oscars

To take an even closer look at some of this year’s Oscar fashion, the Today Show talked with Joyce Chang, the Executive Editor at Cosmopolitan, and fashion expert June Ambrose.

Although Ambrose said it wasn’t the most exciting Oscars she has ever seen, she did say it was all about the “classic Hollywood style” on the red carpet. Everyone was showing up with either bright colored dresses or very neutral colors. She also said she was blown away by the amount of glitz. She felt like she was in Las Vegas.

Today Show: Oscar Fashion & Helen Hunt H&M Dress on Oscar Red Carpet

The Today Show’s Al Roker looked at the best and worst Oscar fashions, from actors growing out their beards to Helen Hunt’s H&M dress paired with jewels. (Helga Esteb /


So who did they think wore their dress the best?

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain looked stunning, said Chang. She loved the Giorgio Armani dress paired with her vintage Harry Winston diamond earrings.  Ambrose said she was a big fan of the strapless dress as well.

Jennifer Lawrence

Natalie Morales said her favorite part of the outfit was the long necklace in the back of the dress, and Ambrose said she looked like a “beautiful fairy.” As for her stumbling when she tried to get to the podium after she won the Best Actress award, Ambrose said it will be something everyone talks about for a long time.

Anne Hathaway

Ambrose was not a fan of Anne Hathaway’s Prada dress, saying she didn’t understand the back of the dress and she didn’t think the satin dress was very flattering at all. Chang was on the same page. She thought the dress was quaint and beautiful but didn’t think it should have been worn to the Oscars. She wanted to see more playfulness.

Jacki Weaver

There wasn’t much to say about the dress I guess, because the two experts only mentioned the two million dollars worth of jewelry she was wearing.

Sally Field

Both experts said she was youthful and stunning in her dress, and Chang, who wanted to see more playfulness out of Anne Hathaway, said this was the perfect example of having fun with a dress.

Jane Fonda

Simply put, both the experts said the “Jane Fonda workout really works.” She looked so much younger than her age and she wore the dress with confidence.

Naomi Watts

Ambrose said she loved the dress because it was edgy and she felt so bored by the other dresses worn. I guess if there had been more people taking chances with their dresses, she wouldn’t have thought too highly of Watts’ dress. Chang said she stood out with the dress and she didn’t mind the look at all.

Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt paired a dress from H&M with some stylish, and expensive, jewelry. The experts thought she knocked it out the park, noting blue was the new black for this year’s Oscars.

Today Show: Men’s Fashion at the 2013 Oscars

For the actors on the red carpet, it was all about the three piece suit and a beard. From Hugh Jackman to George Clooney, all the biggest actors in Hollywood made sure to grow out a beard for the big event.


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