Today Show: Nik Wallenda Grand Canyon Walk & Balance Review


Today Show: Nik Wallenda Balance Review

Known as the king of the high-wire for years, Nik Wallenda has been captivating onlookers with his death-defying stunts. Back in 2008, Nik made history on Today Show when he sky-walked the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, even taking a break during the walk to call in to the studio and talk about his process across the wire.

Then, he made the highest and longest high wire bike ride 135 feet off the ground. In 2012, he made history again as he became the first person to talk across Niagara Falls. Now, he has walked between the Atlantis Paradise Towers in the Bahamas. Next, Nik Wallenda has his sights set on the Grand Canyon. He plans to walk above the 1,500-foot trench later this month.


Nik Wallenda has chronicled his experiences in his new book, Balance: A Story Of Faith, Family, And Life On The Line.

Today Show: Nik Wallenda Grand Canyon Walk

Today Show: Nik Wallenda Grand Canyon Walk & Balance Review

Nik Wallenda’s next stunt will be his walk across the Grand Canyon.

The trek across the Grand Canyon is a quarter of a mile across, and the fall to the bottom is higher than the Empire State Building. He is doing it without a tether, a tradition that runs in his tightrope-traversing family because they don’t want to rely on something that is just as likely to fail as their highly honed balancing skills. Leading up to the walk, Nik will be training for two weeks prior down in Sarasota, Florida. They will subject him to updrafts and various types of wind conditions that could shake him.


Today Show: Karl Wallenda’s Death

One of the biggest reasons Nik Wallenda doesn’t depend on safety equipment is because his grandfather, Karl Wallenda, bounced out of a safety net that he fell into during a walk in 1978  across Condado Hotel in Puerto Rico. Nik has since completed the walk with his mother, and he looked at it as a dream come true and gave him a sense of closure and showed the world that, though the family does have accidents from time to time, they do recover.

Today Show: Nik Wallenda’s Family

One of the unique aspects of Nik Wallenda’s family is that his wife comes from eight generations of circus and flying trapeze, so the walk across the Grand Canyon with no tether really doesn’t get her as nervous as the average person would knowing a loved one was pulling off a stunt like this.

The rest of his family serves as a pit crew of sorts. His mother designs the shoes that Nik wears on the tightrope and designs the tightropes, while his father is his head safety coordinator, speaking into Nik’s ear via radio throughout the stunts.

Nik’s Wallenda’s walk across the Grand Canyon will take place June 23 2013 on Discovery Channel.


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