Today Show: Nicki Minaj Makeunder & Angelina Jolie New Jewelry Line


Today Show: Brad Paisley and LL Cool J Song “Accidental Racist”

Brad Paisley and LL Cool J are the unlikely duo that have teamed up on each other’s upcoming albums and their new song, “Accidental Racist,” which will be featured on Paisley’s upcoming album, is all about wearing a Lynard Skynard shirt. Everyone on the Today Show seemed to think it was a pretty good song.

Today Show: Season Six Of Mad Men Review

The sixth season of Mad Men will be premiering this weekend and a lot of critics think the show has a lot to prove after being snubbed at the Emmy’s last year. The Today Show pointed out that the season continues into a tumultuous time for America which should make the show even more interesting.


Today Show: Nicki Minaj Makeunder & Angelina Jolie New Jewelry Line

The Today Show looked at Nicki Minaj’s makeunder and Angelina Jolie’s jewelry line that is supporting schools for children overseas and reviewed Mad Men. (Helga Esteb /

Today Show: Arrested Development Airing Last Season On Netflix

From 2003 to 2006 Arrested Development garnered a pretty big following, but not large enough to keep the network from canceling the show. Nearly 10 years since it started, the entire cast is back again for the final 15 episode season and they are airing the entire season on Netflix.

Today Show: Melissa McCarthy Hosting SNL Again

Melissa McCarthy did such a good job hosting SNL last time that she was recently invited back. A lot of critics are excited for the episode, saying there is nothing better than a funny host on Saturday Night Live.


Today Show: The Rock Helps G.I. Joe Score Big At the Box Office

The Rock is like Viagara for the box office. He is full-fledged actor now and he recently helped G.I. Joe score some big numbers at the box office after the first movie did not do as well as expected.

Today Show: Angelina Jolie Jewelry Line Funds Schools In Afghanistan

Angelina Jolie has a new line of jewelry and all the proceeds from the line will go straight into building schools for children in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Today Show said they did not know the price of the jewelry just yet but it is made by the same person who made Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress, so you can expect the pieces to be quite expensive.

Today Show: Celebrities Get a Makeunder

The makeover was so last year. 2013 is all about the makeunder. Courteney Cox was the latest celebrity to be spotted without any makeup on, as was Christina Aguilera who has previously said she likes not wearing any makeup. A lot of people were surprised when Nicki Minaj showed up on the cover of Elle without any type of makeup or funky hair colors.

Today Show: Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

This year has seen a lot of fashion trends with flowers and metallic colors, and it seems the trends are going to continue into spring. They looked at some of the hottest trends which include mirror prints. Mirror prints are clothing with the same exact type prints on both sides of the clothes.

Embellished jeans are really big this spring as well. The Today Show said it is not about the color of the jean this spring, but more about the embroidery on the jeans.

The Today Show also said they like hand wraps and mid-finger rings as well. You would think they would be uncomfortable to wear, but according to the Today Show the bracelets and rings are hard to notice.


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