Today Show: Niche Dating Websites for Geeks, Pet Lovers & Athletes


Today Show: Niche Dating Websites

The way Americans date has changed the last few years. For 40 million Americans that change meant not meeting people at the bar or at the grocery store but instead, meeting someone online. But even that has become difficult to do, sorting through picture after picture of potential matches, being bogged down by an inbox full of messages from people who want to get to know you and never knowing if the person you are clicking on could be the right match for you. Dating has become as difficult as meeting someone in real life again but some websites are aiming to change that.

Niche dating websites are trying to ease the hardship of finding your one true love by matching people based on common interests. More than 2,000 niche dating websites are online right now. From a dating website for book lovers which matches you with a person based the type of literature you like to the countless dating websites that are strictly for vegetarians, there are even dating websites for pet lovers, a nerd dating site called Geek 2 Geek and even a dating website for facial hair enthusiasts.


According to the Today Show, these new niche dating websites are making it fun, fast and user-friendly to find a match online.

Today Show: Niche Dating Websites for Geeks, Pet Lovers & Athletes

The Today Show looked at some niche dating websites for geeks, pet lovers, athletes and vegetarians and they went over how well the niche sites are working.

Today Show: Coffee Meets Bagel Dating Website

The Kang sisters tried online dating for some time but they weren’t having any luck, so they did what most other people probably wouldn’t try. They started their own niche dating website, Coffee Meets Bagel. There site works by connecting you with people in your social network. Every day at noon you will be connected with one single person who you share mutual friends with and share common interests with. You then have 24 hours to pass on the person or directly connect with them via text messaging.


Today Show: Finding Common Interests When Dating

For Angie Hessy, finding someone who was a fellow athlete was important to her. She said she wanted to find someone she could spend time with off the couch. She searched the internet for two years using eHarmony and, but she connected with no one, so she turned to Fitness Single to find her match. Angie met Wally and she knew she had found the one.

“She took me to hot yoga and I though I was going to die,” Wally said. “The next day I couldn’t move but it was worth it.”

One year after that first date, the two were getting married.

Today Show: Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk Expecting First Child

Jenna Wolfe, the correspondent who reported on the dating websites, revealed at the end of her segment that she and her girlfriend, Stephanie Gosk, are expecting their first child and they are going to be blogging about it. Wolfe said everything is so new to her that she wants to write it all down.

She said she is due in August.


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