Today Show: New Study Uses Pacemaker to Help Early Onset Alzheimer’s


Today Show: Pacemaker and Electrical Currents Help Alzheimer’s Patients

Pacemakers and electrical currents are being used to help Alzheimer’s patients after a study conducted at Ohio State University found that they were able to use the electrical currents to get past the damaged part of the brain and to the part of the brain that is still functioning. For one family, this new technology was a miracle.


  1. Laurel Shaw says

    Today is my 62nd birthday. I’ve had a few concussions & I’ve been wondering if there’s a correlation between those & the beginning of the end of my mind.I’m forgetting things more & more, to the point that I can’t work anymore. My Mom had Alzheimer’s & it was heartbreaking to see her decline. She was always the sweetest woman…everyone adored her! We suffered the loss of our Dad at a young age (from heart disease at age 48 ) & 2 yrs. later, in 1965, our brother was killed in Vietnam. Of course those devastating events affected us all in a horrendous way, yet my Mom forged ahead & went to work occasionally cleaning houses.The woman who was always smiling suddenly started having flashes of anger, began forgetting things more & more, getting frustrated, & sometimes even snapping at people, which was SO unlike her. Sometimes she’d laugh with us at her own little mistakes. We were at the bank & she asked a woman she knew, ” Do you still live in Marshmallow?” ( she meant to say Marshfield). So I tried to lighten the moment by saying, “No, she moved to Peanutbutter!” I’d be happy to help anyone in a study of this affliction. My saving grace is singing karaoke. I’ve been a singer all of my life. I’d love to have karaoke benefits to raise money to help the research to figure out the puzzle of AD & help all the people AND their caretakers & other loved ones to find a cure! You have to keep a sense of humor, no matter what. As my oldest brother says, “The only good thing about Alzheimer’s is that you can hide your own Easter eggs!” PLEASE, anyone, let me know how I can help! And try not to be rude to people if they repeat themselves!

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