Today Show: New Bridget Jones Book & Kelly Rowland Cries Onstage


Today Show: United States Mandates Least Vacation In The World

Compared to the rest of the world, the United States is the only country that does not mandate time off for workers. Not only that, it does not even guarantee paid days off, either. After the US, there is Japan that mandates that its workers get 10 days off, then Austria and Portugal with 22 vacation days and 13 holidays, and then France with 30 vacation days and one holiday.

Today Show: Spelling Bees Requiring Contestants To Know Definitions

Today Show: New Bridget Jones Book & Kelly Rowland Cries Onstage

Helen Fielding is releasing a new Bridget Jones book this year.


If you thought spelling bees were difficult based merely on the fact that the words are longer than War And Peace in it, things just got more difficult. Now, national spelling bees are requiring that students know even the definitions to some of the words. An example of one of these words was cymotrichous, which I will not be giving you the definition to. I had to look it up. You should, too.

Today Show: Kelly Rowland Cries Onstage Performing Dirty Laundry

Singer Kelly Rowland delivered one of her rawest performances this weekend, during which she actually cried while singing a song concerning her self-professed jealousy of friend Beyonce, “Dirty Laundry.” One of the lyrics reads, “Bittersweet / She was up / I was down / No like / I feel good for her / But what do I do now?” When they saw her getting choked up, the crowd began to cheer her on to encourage her.

Today Show: Pizza Delivery Boy Steals Toppings Off Pizza

Think twice before you decide to tip your pizza delivery guy. Some surveillance footage leaked over the weekend of a pizza delivery boy riding an elevator up to drop off a pizza, all the while helping himself to the toppings off of the pizza he was delivering, touching every slice in the process. I hope he washed his hands!


Today Show: New Bridget Jones Book Coming Out This Year

After 14 long years, Helen Fielding’s fictional character Bridget Jones will be making her return in a new Bridget Jones book, Mad About The Boy. It will be coming out later this year, and was announced first on Today Show!


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