Today Show: Millennials Are The Most Tolerant Generation Ever


Today Show: Millennials, or “Generation Me”

The Millennials are one of the newest generations moving into adulthood. Nicknamed “Generation Me,” you can probably guess at the underlying theme of this age group’s lives. Known for being narcissistic  lazy, entitled, and never looking up from their phones, they are changing the world almost as fast (or slowly) as they are are growing up. They were raised in such a way that provided them a lot of confidence, and this makes older generations see them as entitled.

Today Show: 25 Percent Of Millennials Are Without Religion

Today Show: Millennials Are The Most Tolerant Generation Ever

Armed to the teeth with technology and heaps of confidence, Millennials are changing society.


Around 75 percent of Millennials are on social networks, 25 percent are without religion, and one in five have put some sort of video of themselves on the internet. That equation yields results that tell us they are the least religious generation that craves instant gratification.

Technology has played part in these numbers. It has connected us all in a way that creates an atmosphere where people want more by doing less.

Today Show: Millennials Are Changing Politics

Despite the sideways looks that Millennials are getting from older generations, though, they are changing the face of politics and economy with their innovative mindsets. Vanessa Van Edwards is one of these people who has become an author. As long as she has an internet connection, she says, she can be anywhere in the world and be okay.


Today Show: Millennials Are The Largest Generation In America

With a population of 90 million, this makes Millennials the largest generation of Americans ever. With their almost universally accepting attitudes, the legalization of same-gender marriage and marijuana are issues they are passionate about, and the older generation’s views are shifting to reflect those values.

In addition to changing the sociopolitical landscape, this group is also changing the job market. They have no qualms about expressing dissatisfaction with a traditional 9 to 5 job, and the job market will start churning out career paths that, five years ago, you couldn’t even study for. With their confidence levels so high, they are not afraid to enter into today’s challenging job market.

Today Show: Joel Stein Sees Problems With Millennials

Joel Stein of Time Magazinehowever, sees a lot of problems with this generation, the biggest one being the disappointment they will face when the rest of the world doesn’t think they are as awesome as they’ve been told they are their whole lives.


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