Today Show: Matt Lauer Fatherhood Public Service Announcement Review


Today Show: Ad Council Public Service Announcements

Peggy Conlon, President and CEO of the Ad Council, said when looking for topics for a new public service announcement they try to find things they want people to do more of, like eat healthier, or look for things they want people to do less of, like testing and driving. And they know the technique works.

Conlon said the Ad Council has a number of ways to figure out how well each ad campaign works, saying they have found 85,000 lives have been saved from their public service announcement about wearing a seat belt.


Today Show: Matt Lauer Fatherhood Public Service Announcement Review

The Today Show and the Ad Campaign worked with Matt Lauer to make a public service announcement about fatherhood and talks with fathers bettering themselves.

With the Ad Council celebrating their 70th year of making public service announcements, the Today Show wanted to help raise awareness for issues close to their owns hearts. Matt Lauer took on the task of filming the first PSA about fatherhood and being more involved in children’s lives.

Today Show: Special Fathers in Watch D.O.G.S.

Before filming his PSA to promote the need for a a positive male role model in a child’s life, Lauer traveled to West Virginia to meet some very special fathers who are part of Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students). The group strives to spread the word about the need for fathers to be a part of their children’s lives.


One father in the group, Mike Zimmerman said it can be hard to be a better father. He sees himself as the wallet and the chauffeur for his children, but he said it is always mom who gets all the “information about the kid’s life.”

“You see what little time that you’re in the school, how much it lights them up, you get hungry for more,” said Zimmerman of working with his children at their school. “And you want more of that.”

Today Show: Fatherhood Benefits

But his children understand how hard he is trying. His daughter said he is becoming less grumpy and she loves her father for taking time off work to spend time with her instead. Other children told the Today Show they are happy when their fathers spend more time with them and help them with their school work.

One study has even shown a child who has a strong male role model actively participating in their lives is twice as likely to graduate high school and more likely to benefit from more strongly developed social, mental, physical and academical characteristics.

Today Show: Matt Lauer Fatherhood PSA

In Matt Lauer’s fatherhood PSA he can be seen playing hide and go seek, something he often does with his own children. And by the looks of his PSA, he is really good at that game. He said his children usually give up trying to find him after about an hour.


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