Today Show Martha Stewart Dating & President Obama As Daniel Day-Lewis


Today Show: Martha Stewart Looking At Dating

The Today Show had their Take 3 on April 29 2013, starting with an interview where Martha Stewart told Matt Lauer that she’s looking for love. She told him she even thought about going on She said she wouldn’t use an alias, she would use her own name. But she started to laugh at herself halfway down the page. She’s 71-years-old now and she’s looking for love. In this modern era, online dating seems to be a very popular way people meet. Natalie Morales said that she thought it was impossible to meet someone at a bar or a place in New York that you would actually want to date.

Today Show Martha Stewart Dating & President Obama As Daniel Day-Lewis

Martha Stewart told Matt Lauer that she’s interested in dating and looked at making a profile. (image credit: kai hecker,


White House Correspondents’ Dinner Has Some Laughs

At the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, it’s tradition for the President to do a stand-up routine. The night is often filled with sketches and jokes. This year’s dinner was no different. One sketch involved Steven Spielberg, who said he wanted to make an Obama movie after the success of Lincoln. He couldn’t decide who should play Obama, but he finally decided on Daniel Day-Lewis. But when the camera cut to show “Daniel Day-Lewis,” it actually showed President Barack Obama. The sketch poked fun at Daniel Day-Lewis’ famous character acting, as Obama pretended to be Daniel Day-Lewis playing Obama. He said his accent took a while and that it was hard putting on his prosthetic ears in the morning. He also said several phrases in the mirror like “let me be clear about this” and “hello, Ohio.”

Conan O’Brien Reading From Script

Al Roker pointed out that Conan O’Brien, who was the featured speaker at the dinner, read a lot more from his script than Obama did. Al Roker thought this was very unprofessional. “Look, he used to be on TV every night,” Al Roker said. Geez, Al Roker! That’s a bit harsh. Especially considering that Conan O’Brien is still on TV every night, he’s just not on NBC. Which, given the state of the NBC network, and the fact that Jay Leno is leaving the network again, the producers of NBC are probably wishing they had Conan O’Brien back. But TBS gives Conan O’Brien a lot more freedom on his show Conan. It may be obvious, but I’m with Coco. I have very strong opinions about this. Apparently, lots of people at the Today Show feel the same way, because there was lots of groans and shocked hisses of breath coming from off-stage when Al Roker said this.

Boston Bombing Suspect Spoke To Mother About Jihad

Today reported that the older bombing suspect was once heard in a phone call tapped by Russian authorities discussing jihad with his mother. His mother, you may remember, is the one who has been vehemently denying her boys were involving in the bombings. The Russian authorities only gave U.S. investigators the tape after the bombings.


25-Year-Old Mother Disappears From Job

A 25-year-old Michigan mother vanished from her job as a gas station attendant over the weekend. A customer called 911 when it was clear no one was at the gas station. The woman’s keys, purse and cash register were all untouched and left on the counter. The police task force is focusing their search on a white male 30-40 years old, approximately six feet tall and driving a silver minivan.


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