Today Show: Mariel Hemingway & Bobby Williams The WillingWay Review


Today Show: Mariel Hemingway Running From Crazy

When she was only a teenager Mariel Hemingway was nominated for an Academy Award, she has written three different books and she has her own perfume line. It would seem like the 51-year-old granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway has everything working out for but everything on the surface is not as it seems.

Hemingway told the Today Show she is working on a film called Running from Crazy which chronicles the Hemingway family’s problem with substance abuse, suicide and mental illness. She has also written a book,The WillingWay, about getting back to your true self, about finding the balance in your life and maximizing every moment of your life.


Today Show: Mariel Hemingway & Bobby Williams The WillingWay Review

The Today Show talked with Mariel Hemingway about growing up in a family haunted by mental illness, how she avoids possible addictions and The WillingWay. (stocklight /

Today Show: Mariel Hemingway Didn’t Know She Was Depressed

Hemingway said she has spent her entire life running away from the crazy in her life. She has always felt like she might wake up one day and just be plain crazy or come to realize she has been crazy her entire life but she never realized she was depressed, thinking her actions and thoughts were completely normal.

If you ask me, just thinking that is crazy.


But it did sort of happen to Hemingway. She said she was depressed for a long time but she had no idea until she wasn’t depressed any longer.  She told the Today Show she was in a very dark place in her life but she had no idea. She thought it was normal.

Today Show: Mariel Hemingway The WillingWay Review

In her new book, The WillingWay, which she has co-written with her life partner Bobby Williams, Hemingway talks about how it is possible to choose the lifestyle you want to live and relieve some of the mental illness you feel. Williams pointed out that before there were drugs to help with metal illness, people took a more holistic approach by exercising more, eating correctly and generally trying to change their lifestyle in the hopes that it would help.

Although Hemingway makes it seem like a laugh here and there will make mental illness easier, she said it is also about avoiding triggers. She knows she has a very addictive personality so she doesn’t drink, she doesn’t do drugs and she even stops herself from eating sugar.

As for fearing her daughters might not have the same resilience she has, especially in their 20s, she said she thinks she has broken the chain of addiction for them. She is also afraid for them, she told the Today Show, but she also feels like she did not pass on the addiction to her family.

“I have no fear that it will come back,” Hemingway said. “I feel like my life has started over.”


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