Today Show: Man Slaps Beyonce’s Booty At Concert & Hitler JC Penney Ad


Today Show: 40 Percent Of U.S. Households Now Supported By Women

More than ever before, women are becoming the breadwinner in homes with childrens. A recent survey shows that a record 40 percent of U.S. households have a woman as the primary bread winner. When you consider that the number was 11 percent in 1960, that is pretty impressive. One thing to consider, though, is that there are more single mothers out there now, as well.

Today Show: Starbucks Store Managers Go To Court Over Tip Jars

Today Show: Man Slaps Beyonce's Booty At Show & Hitler jcpenny ad

Beyonce’s butt got slapped at a show in Denmark by a fan that got a little too bold. (s_bukley /


Right now, Starbucks baristas and shift supervisors are the ones that get the money out of those tip jars that you may drop change or a few $1s into every so often. Now, it looks like store managers are asking to get a cut from that tip jar, as well, and have taken the matter to court.

Today Show: JC Penney Ad Of Teapot Looks Like Hitler

A JC Penney ad with a picture of a teapot apparently bears a resemblance to a certain dictator (Hitler), and people are wondering what’s up. Of course, JC Penney has responded with a tweet that said any likeness to the evildoer was certainly unintended, and if they had been designing the tea kettle to look like something, it would have been a snowman. The “controversy” has worked opposite of how you might think, though, as the pot has sold out.

Today Show: Man Slaps Beyonce’s Booty During Denmark Show

Beyonce, while on her world tour in Denmark, was apparently a little too booty-licious for one fan to handle. While doing her show in a bedazzled bodysuit, a man reached up and gave her a smack on the butt. The video has gone viral not just for the little love tap, but for Beyonce’s reaction, where she stopped everything to inform the man that she would have him escorted out.



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