Today Show Magic Mondays: David Copperfield’s Top 3 Amateur Magicians


Today Show Magic Mondays: David Copperfield’s Top 3 Amateur Magicians

The Today Show has been hosting a competition for magicians, asking the best amateur magicians in America to send in their best magic tricks with the hopes of being featured on the Today Show alongside master magician David Copperfield. After a few weeks of competition, the field has been narrowed down to the final three, all of whom are competing for a coveted Today Show trophy and the opportunity to see Copperfield perform live in Las Vegas as well as get a personalized tour of Copperfield’s secret magic museum.

Today Show Magic Mondays: Magician Kayla Drescher

Today Show Magic Mondays: David Copperfield's Top 3 Amateur Magicians

The Today Show watched three amateur magicians perform for David Copperfield using a pack of gum, some bottle caps off beer bottles and a Today Show picture.


Kayla Drescher was one of the finalist in the competition. For her magic trick she incorporated her full-time job as a bartender into the act. The 23-year-old magician was able to switch the types of bottle caps in her right hand simply by opening and closing her fist. From Heineken to Sam Adams Light, she changed the bottle caps numerous times.

Cooperfield said he liked the trick because she was using natural objects from her environment, and she showed a lot of confidence in her magic.

Today Show Magic Mondays: Magician Jeff Prace

Jeff Prace told the Today Show the biggest problem he has while studying at the university he attends is that every time he pulls out a pack of gum, everyone around him wants a piece. So he came up with the ingenious plan of always carrying around a pack of gum with only one piece, which he showed the Today Show. Whenever he runs out and doesn’t want to buy another pack, he simply uses magic to fill the pack up, which he showed the Today Show when he opened up the of pack of gum for them.


Copperfield said he liked this trick as well because Prace was using natural objects, and he applauded his ability as a “magic inventor.” He said the trick was something he had never seen before, something completely new.

Today Show Magic Mondays: Magician Ben Jackson

Ben Jackson was the last finalist to perform his magic trick for Copperfield and he performed my favorite trick. He tore up a picture he had given to the Today Show co-hosts, had Savannah Guthrie sign a corner of the torn up picture and he then placed it in her hands torn into four squares. He waved his hands over Guthrie’s and when she opened them, the picture was put back together but it was out of order and the edges he had not ripped were magically fused together.

Copperfield said he liked the customized magic trick, and he liked the twist ending of the trick.

Today Show Magic Mondays Competition Winner

In the end, Copperfield said the winner of the competition was Kayla Drescher because her trick was performed flawlessly and he said he wants to see more women in magic.


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