Today Show: Lululemon CEO Resigns & Compulsive Hoarding Disorder


Today Show: Lululemon CEO

The CEO of Lululemon, the popular exercise apparel company, is stepping down amid the company’s many challenges recently. Also in the news, one city is taking a proactive approach to the problem of compulsive hoarding.

Today: Christine Day Lululemon

Today Show host Hoda Kotb is one of many who are bowled over by the brand’s athletic clothing line. But now Christine Day, Lululemon CEO, has decided to step aside.


As a result of her announcement, stock in the company dropped 17%. Just months ago, the company had to pull one of its products from store shelves when customers complained that they were too sheer.

Today Show: Dana Telsey Lululemon Changes

Today Show: Lululemon CEO Resigns & Compulsive Hoarding Disorder

Today discussed the impact of Lululemon CEO Christine Day’s resignation on the company’s future prospects.

Lululemon is facing a new and uncertain future with the CEO out of the picture. Where is the company heading next?


Dana Telsey of the Telsey Advisory Group explained that customers are not going to be concerned with boardroom changes and are primarily interested in the end product.

Can the company keep shelves stocked and continue to expand their offerings into new product categories?

Today: Lululemon Global Growth

Matt Lauer wondered, then, what Telsey thought about the stock’s big drop in the day after the announcement that Day would depart. Day has a good track record with the company, especially in terms of building the brand.

In Telsey’s view, the next challenge for Lululemon is “global growth,” which requires a different skill set than the brand building that Day excelled in.

Today Show: Lululemon Black Luon Pants

For the long haul, Telsey suggested that getting those black luon pants back in stores (hopefully less sheer this time) will help keep the company stable during this transitional period.

It’s amazing to me that you can make a whole company out of yoga pants in the first place, so good for them.

Today: Compulsive Hoarding Disorder

For Today, Ayman Mohyeldin reported on a new way to deal with the disorder of compulsive hoarding. Did you know that as many as one in 20 Americans could be affected by this? That seems high to me.

One California woman, Nancy, has been hoarding things in her two-story town home for over a decade. Now, an Orange County fire prevention specialist is worried about her risk of fire, especially since she is a smoker.

Today Show: E-Cigarettes For Hoarders

Helping hoarders can be a challenge, but Nancy has gotten new smoke detectors, cleared a path through the clutter, and switched to e-cigarettes. But not every hoarder is able to keep the compulsion at bay, and some homes have to be checked for dead rodents and other problems, as inspectors wade through feet and feet of trash covering the floors.

Michelle Scott, whose late mother was a hoarder, said that her mother would never let anyone in her home, where she had been a lifelong hoarder.

Today: Cory Chalmers Steri-Clean

The cable TV series Hoarders features Cory Chalmers, the owner of Steri-Clean. He said that there is psychology involved in helping a hoarder. It can be difficult to find the right balance of safety and help that those who hoard will accept.

Do you think these types of task forces to help hoarders will catch on across the country?


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