Today Show: Kelly Osbourne in the Hospital & Joy Behar off The View


Today Show: Oz the Great and Powerful Review

To find out about all the new movies coming out soon, The Today Show turned to Billboard Editorial Director Bill Werde and the first movie he said he is going to be checking out this weekend is Oz the Great and Powerful. The movie, which opens March 8 2013, is the story before the Wizard the Oz. Werde said this movie is a bit darker than the original, although anything with flying monkeys should be considered dark.

Today Show: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Review

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone will be in theaters soon and Werde said this is another movie he can’t wait to see. He said this is the perfect role for Jim Carrey’s sort of “over-acting.”


Today Show: Matlida Opening In New York City

Matlida is opening this week in New York City and Werde thinks it will be just as big a hit as it was this last year when it was in London. He commended the production for bringing Bertie Carvel as it switches over to Broadway. He said this play is also a bit darker than the movie version of  Matlida, but it is a Roald Dahl play.

Today Show: Justin Timberlake On Saturday Night Live

Anything concerning Justin Timberlake is going to cause some sort of stir but no one imagined people would be camping outside the Saturday Night Live studio in the freezing cold for days before he is set to host Saturday Night Live. Werde said he is looking forward to him hosting, saying Timberlake almost missed his calling when he became a musician and not a comedy actor.

Today Show: Kelly Osbourne in the Hospital & Joy Behar off The View

The Today Show looked at why Kelly Osbourne and Justin Bieber are in the hospital, Joy Behar is leaving The View and Justin Timberlake is back on SNL. (Helga Esteb /


Along with Timberlake hosting, rumors have been circulating that Jay-Z might be performing on SNL as well. Maybe he will get in on some of the sketches as well.

Today Show: Joy Behar Leaving The View

To get the latest on entertainment and celebrity news, the Today Show turned to Alicia Quarles to give them the inside scoop. She said the first big story she wanted to go over was Joy Behar leaving The View. Quarles said Behar is the only remaining original member of the show, beside Barbara Walters, but she has a lot going on. She has her Current TV and her stand-up to fall back on.

Today Show: Kelly Osbourne In the Hospital

Kelly Osbourne was rushed to the hospital after fainting on Fashion Police this week. Quarles said doctors are still trying to figure out why she fainted.

Today Show: Justin Bieber Hospital Stay

Justin Bieber was also in the hospital this week. After fainting on stage during a concert, Bieber was given oxygen and he completed the show. After the show was done he was rushed to the hospital where tests came back normal. As much as Bieber fans were probably scared for their idol, they did get to see a photo of the singer without his shirt on. Bieber is always trying to please his fans.

Today Show: Alec Baldwin Having a Girl

Alec Baldwin will soon be the father to a baby girl after his wife, Hiliaria Thomas, gives birth sometime later this year. Quarles said with the end of 30 Rock and with a new baby on the way, everyone needs to be on the lookout for a new Alec Baldwin.

Today Show: Tina Fey Production Deal With Universal

The end of 30 Rock also affected Tina Fey who said she has more time on her hands now, but it doesn’t seem like it will last long. She signed a production deal with Universal, she has been feuding with Taylor Swift and she has her new movie Admission coming out soon. Even with all the work, Fey said after 30 Rock ended she made a promise to spend more time with her family.

Today Show: Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games Poster

The newest Hunger Games poster for Hunger Games: Catching Fire came out earlier this week and fans are clamoring over the high fashion. Jennifer Lawrence can be seen standing next to a wooden chair in a very fashionable dress that is almost identical to the one she wore to the Academy Awards.

Today Show: Lucite Fashion Review

No one knows fashion better than blogger Rebecca George so the Today Show called on her expertise to show them the hottest fashion trends for this upcoming Spring.

George said lucite is in this year and it can be put on anything from lucite jewelry to lucite shoes. Some of her favorites were lucite jewelry from H&M and JCPenney, and she loved the lucite shoes from Aldo.

Today Show: Water Paint Fashions

George said water paint is a big trend this year. She said water paint fashions are different from the floral prints popping up everywhere because they are a bit more colorful and have been edging out the floral prints. Some of favorite places to buy water color fashion is Urban Outfitters and Vans’ water paint shoes.

Today Show: Spring Pastel Fashion

George said pastels and the 1980s are back. The hottest thing in makeup right now is blue eye shadow. She said her favorites included Urban Decay eye shadow and blue mascara.

Can you believe crimping is back in style again? According to George, crimping your hair is one of the hottest trends this year. To go along with the crimping, George said color strips are in as well. She liked the ones from Sultra the best.

Today Show: Super Foods

The biggest thing in the kitchen this year are grains and not just wheat grain. George suggested trying as many different grains as possible because they are easy to incorporate into recipes and they are rich in protein.


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