Today Show: Kate Middleton Topless Photos Scandal & Harlem Shake Fire


By Taylor Evans

Today: Mother of Marathon Bombing Suspect Speaks

The Today Show reported on April 25 2013 that the mother of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects said of her sons, Dzohkhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, “America took my kids away from me.” Dzohkhar remains in the hospital while Tamerlan died in a shootout with police.


Today: Investigation of Kate Middleton Topless Pictures Continues

Today Show: Kate Middleton Topless Photos Scandal & Harlem Shake Fire

Investigation into the Kate Middleton topless pictures scandal is ongoing in Europe, according to Today.(Featureflash /

Last year, topless photos of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton hit European newsstands. The photos were taken in the south of France and their publication has been halted in the country. The photos are investigation and three people could be charged. According to journalist Camila Tominey, the case could set a precedent.

Today: Runners Avoid Being Hit by a Van

Today aired a video of two runners narrowly avoiding a van that jumped the curb. The runners got out of the van’s path just in time before it ran into a corner store in Brooklyn, New York.


Today: A.J. Clemente & Harlem Shake Fire

A viral video of a swearing news anchor has been making rounds. The video’s star, A.J. Clemente, has been on Late Show with David Letterman and Live with Kelly & Michael because of his Internet infamy.

The Harlem Shake may be a popular meme, but it can be dangerous. In a home video from Germany, young men are recreating the dance craze around a bonfire. One of them falls in to the bonfire but jumps out just as quickly. He escaped with a few blister and, as Natalie Morales said, “better ideas how to spend his leisure time.”

Today Show: Jennifer Lawrence Film Critics Awards

A video of America’s newest sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence also made an appearance on this segment. The 22–year-old actress accepted an award at the L.A. Film Critics Awards. She opened her speech by thanking Silver Linings Playbook costar Bradley Cooper and taking a shot at the tabloids.

Lawrence, claiming to be taking Sudafed for an illness, flubbed her speech and poked fun at herself saying “I’m like all three of the stooges right now.”


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