Today Show: Josh Duhamel Safe Haven & Sports Illustrated Swimwear


Today Show: Josh Duhamel Safe Haven Review

Josh Duhamel is starring in the newest Nicholas Sparks book to hit the big screen, Safe Haven. The Today Show talked with his co-host, Julianne Hough, the other day and she said they both cried a lot during the filming of the movie, something Duhamel said was true.

He said the movie is not a “chick flick” though. The movie is about him raising his two children, trying to deal with the grief of losing his wife over a year ago and then having Julianne Hough’s character walk into his life. Duhamel said it is all about his relationship with his kids and how he is going to handle Hough coming into his life.


Today Show: Josh Duhamel Meets Ryan Seacrest

Today Show: Josh Duhamel Safe Haven & Sports Illustrated Swimwear

The Today Show talked with Josh Duhamel about the chick flick/thriller movie Safe Haven and looked at the bikini trends in Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. (Featureflash /

Duhamel said he talked with Ryan Seacrest before making the movie because he wanted him to know there were going to be some steamy love scenes in the movie and he didn’t want Seacrest to be mad about him making out with his wife in the movie. Apparently the conversation was a but awkward for Duhamel who said he probably should have never had the conversation in the first place.

If you want to see more of Josh Duhamel, the “chick flick/thriller” Safe Haven opens in theaters on Valentine’s Day.


Today Show: Sports Illustrated Swimwear Trends

Nearly 18 million women read the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and editor of the issue, M.J. Day, said many of the women are looking at the bikinis so they can keep up with the latest swimwear trends this year. Day said this year is a big year for hot swimwear trends and she had some models from the magazine to show them off.

Today Show: Serial Asian Swimwear Trend

The Serial Asian swimsuit is a nod to the location Sports Illustrated shot the bikini at. Day said the bikini was good for coverage and it had a ton of support. The particular bikini on the show was Xhiliration from Target.

Today Show: Boho Chic Swimwear Trend

The next biggest trend in swimwear this year is Boho Chic. Day said this type of swimwear is the most wearable trend and it is perfect for the beach. It has more coverage than a two piece suit and it enhances, shapes and lifts the breasts. The model on the Today Show was wearing the American Eagle Corset Bikini.

Today Show: Jewel Tone Swimwear Trend

Jewel Tone swimwear is another hot trend in 2013. Day said this type of swimwear is very sophisticated and has lots of bright colors. She also said it is the perfect suit for someone who is self-conscious of their thighs because it comes with a skirt as well. The model was wearing Bisou Bisou swimwear.

Today Show: Spanish Swimwear Trends

The Spanish Suit is a fun and modest one piece with a high cut leg. One piece suits are coming back and this one piece suit from American Apparel is going to make you stand out.


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