Today Show: Jessica Seinfeld Baby Buggy & Steve Martin First Time Dad


By Dylan McCartney

Today Show: Jessica Seinfeld Baby Buggy & Sewage Tour

Romance was the theme on The Today Show and special guest Jessica Seinfeld, wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld and author of two cookbooks, joined the show.


She briefly discussed the nonprofit she founded in 2001: Baby Buggy, which works with a network of over 50 community based organizations to distribute new and gently used children’s essentials. Natalie Morales expressed her support for the organization, and said she’s been donating to it for quite some time.

Today Show: Jessica Seinfeld Baby Buggy & Steve Martin First Time Dad

The Today Show learned about the Jessica Seinfeld Baby Buggy charity, news of Steve Martin becoming a father, and a Jeopardy answer that has gone viral. (lev radin /

Jessica also divulged her Valentine’s Day plans with her husband, Jerry.


“Our daughter made us a candle. And we’re going on a tour of a New York sewage plant,” she said. The Newtown Creek Sewage treatment plant in Brooklyn, New York, is once again offering a tour of their facilities on the holiday, apparently due to overwhelming demand and success from past years.

Today Show: Heaven Can Wait Vs The Notebook

The Today Show team revealed their favorite romantic movies for Valentine’s Day.

Al Roker voted for Heaven Can Wait, Natalie Morales voted for The Notebook, Willie Geist voted for Love Actually, and Jessica Seinfeld voted for Brokeback Mountain.

“It’s such a beautiful love story, and it was such a bold movie to make,” Seinfeld said, in response to the surprised reactions from the cast.

Today Show: Steve Martin First Time Dad

The cast also released news that Steve Martin, 67, is now a first time father with his second wife Anne Stringfield, 41. The couple managed to keep their child a secret from the media for over a month, but the news has finally leaked. This led to Jessica Seinfeld joking that she and her husband Jerry had their last child, Shepherd, before Jerry “got to the age where it was creepy.” (Jerry was 50 at the time).

Today Show: Jeopardy Teen Tournament Viral Answer

In addition, the cast touched on the Internet hype surrounding recent Jeopardy contestant Leonard Cooper, who shocked and impressed by providing a unique final jeopardy answer. His answer, coupled with an ingenious smile and perfectly coiffed afro, was “some guy in Normandy. But I just won $75,000.”

Today Show: Valentine Sloth

The show also shared a video clip that has been making its rounds on the Internet today—a bunch of baby sloths squirming around in a bucket. Yep, you can watch it here.


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