Today: Google Glass Privacy, Jason Collins & Honey Fitz Restoration


Today’s Professionals: NBA’s Jason Collins Comes Out

Jason Collins came out this month as the first homosexual professional basketball player. The question now is, will Collins’ actions prompt other basketball players to do the same? Donny Deutsch thought that his chances of being hired went from about 50 percent to almost 100 percent. Padma Lakshmi thought that coming out was a very noble way to get his name out there, even if the timing seemed strange–right around the time players start looking for teams.

Star Jones didn’t really feel that Jason Collins did this trying to be a hero to the gays in professional athletics, but if it does become a movement that equalizes the landscape in professional sports, then great! As for whether or not Jason Collins’ actions will make anyone else come out remains to be seen. Does he have the star power to do that?


Today Show: JCPenney “We Messed Up” Ad

Today: Google Glass Privacy, Jason Collins & Honey Fitz Restoration

Does Jason Collins have the star power to get other athletes to come out, or will they stay locked in the closet?

After deciding in 2012 that they would be using a no-coupon pricing strategy, JCPenney went on to lose an astounding 1.3 million of its loyal female shoppers, according to Forbes. Come on, I hate to use cliches here, but JCPenney isn’t exactly a magnet for humanoids carrying the XY chromosome–and to use another cliche, it’s hard to deny that women love their coupons (watch an episode of Extreme Couponing).

In the wake of these losses, JCPenney has released a new ad that admits they messed up. Donny Deutsch wasn’t swayed by the cute ad, but Padma and Star both thought that the ad would bring them back to the store.


Today Show: Google Glass Review

Google Glass will be allow you to do all sorts of crazy stuff on the go – from taking pictures to responding to text massages and emails via voice commands. They look like something out of a science fiction movie, but overall they seem pretty neat. The question posed was this: with anyone able to take pictures of you with these without being noticed, and will you start to lose privacy if a lot of people start to have these?

While Donny felt that the people will self-police themselves, Star felt that your privacy was diminished. Padma had the most reasonable stance–when you step out of your door, you are no longer private; thus the phrase “out in public.”

Today Show: Cheryl Sandberg Lean In Review

Women should run half of our countries and men should run have of our homes, according to Cheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, in her new book Lean In. These words have sparked quite the debate on the internet, with conversations of equality in the work place being heavily discussed. 

Tom Brokaw called the 21st century the century of the woman. If things are getting more hectic around the world, shouldn’t we be freeing up more women to help out? He thinks that institutions have to change, such as equal pay for equal work. Women should be able to have babies and return to the workplace without having to worry about losing their position, for example.

Today Show: Honey Fitz Restoration

The Honey Fitz, a yacht most famous for being a pleasure piece for John F. Kennedy, has finally reached the end of its two-year restoration. The 93-foot wooden yacht was originally built for Sewell Avery, the Montgomery Ward tycoon, before being used by the Coast Guard during World War II, and finally being commissioned as the presidential yacht for Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and most famously for John F. Kennedy, who was often aboard the yacht with his family.

The Honey Fitz will start a charity tour going up the coast to raise money for children’s and veteran’s affairs.


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