Today Show: Houston Couple Give Birth to Two Sets of Identical Twins


Today Show: Two Sets Of Identical Twins Born At Same Time

A Houston couple got a very special Valentine’s day gift when Tressa Montalvo gave birth to two sets of identical twin boys. All four of the boys were delivered at 41 weeks to Montalvo via c-section at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas in Houston.

Tressa told the Today Show both sets of twins are doing great, they are all healthy and she can’t wait to get them all home.


Today Show: Houston Couple Give Birth to Two Sets of Identical Twins

The Today Show traveled to Houston where they met a couple who had two sets of identical twins at one time, a one in a million chance.

So what are the odds of having two sets of identical twins during the same pregnancy? The doctor who delivered the twins told the Today Show the chances of having two sets of identical twins is around 72 million to one. And the chances are even slimmer when the couple doesn’t use fertility drugs or in-vitro fertilization, neither of which the Montalvo’s used.

Today Show: Tressa Montalvo Two Sets Of Twin Boys

About 10 weeks into the pregnancy, doctors told Tressa she was going to be having two sets of twins.


“If I had not already been lying down on the table,” Tressa said, “I would have been lying down on the floor.”

Her husband on the other hand was a bit more excited about the news. He told the Today Show he yelled “homerun” and started jumping up and down after he heard the news. The couple said they are excited about getting their little babies home with them to meet their older brother, Memphis, filling the family out to seven with five boys, one excited dad and one tired mom.

As for having more children in the future, Tressa said she is still hoping for a girl but she wants to wait a little while before they try for another baby. But her husband seemed to want another baby tomorrow. Tressa said he has been telling everyone they are going to try for a girl soon.

“We are going to have to wait a while before we answer any questions about another pregnancy,” she told the Today Show.


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