Today Show: Hotels Cutting Perks & Beyonce Auctions Stylist Position


Today Show: Stylist Position For Beyonce Up For Bid

If you have an extra $25,000 lying around, you can be a stylist for Beyonce on her Mrs. Carter World Tour’s next stop in Los Angeles next month. Right now, bids are at $11,500. Proceeds benefit Beyonce’s charity to end world hunger.

Today Show: Hotels Cutting Perks

Following in the footsteps of airlines that are taking a no-frills approach to service, hotels are following suit. With some discontinuing room service, the decision is more of a cost-conscious choice. Over the last 10 years, the number of limited-service hotel rooms has increased by 16 percent, while the number of full-service hotel rooms has increased by only six percent. Mark Orwoll, International Editor for Travel+Leisure Magazine, said that this move will probably not bother leisure travelers, but business travelers may be a problem.


Today Show: Beyonce Auctions Stylist Position &  Hotels Cutting Perks

Beyonce is auctioning off a stylist position for her next stop in her tour to benefit the hungry. (Featureflash /

Hotels are cutting other services, too. Everything from extra amenities in the room to a clerk at the front desk is being cut in favor of saving money. The big problem with this is that this causes some people to lose jobs. However, though the customer may not see a dramatic amount of savings, there may be other perks offered for free, such as wi-fi and breakfast.

Airlines, the pioneers of this cutting, are taking a beating for doing so. Travelers do not like getting charged for extra leg room, in-flight meals, and other things that came complementary in the past. Some airlines are offering subscriptions to get all of these things for a year, but since you would have to fly one airline quite a bit to see a return on your investment, it is a hard sell.


Today Show: Doctors Having Fertility Discussions With Women

Doctors are having very frank discussions with their patients about fertility and when they should start a family. A growing number of women, about 20 percent, wait until after 35 to have their first child. Sometimes, however, starting earlier couldn’t hurt. As a female ages, infertility and miscarriage are more likely to be an issue. A new ad campaign over in the UK is pressing the issue even harder. 40 is not the new 30 when it comes to fertility, said one doctor.

Dr. Evelyn Minaya thought that, though the topic is touchy, it needs to be talked about. No matter how young you feel, your eggs are as old as you are. With pictures of Hollywood stars in their 40s showing off baby bumps, Evelyn wanted to stress that some of these may not even be their eggs. At 30, fertility starts to drop off, and after 35, miscarriage and infertility become more likely. Your lifestyle can also affect this. For women that are having trouble finding a partner, you can either freeze your eggs if you have the money, or, if you can, you can be a single mother, too.

Today Show: Vegetarian Diets Lengthen Life

As it turns out, being a vegetarian could lengthen your life. A new study showed that a vegetable-only diet lowered the chances of heart disease and other life-shortening ailments.

Today Show: Taco Bell Confirms Photo Is Real

According to Huffington Post, the fast food chain Taco Bell has found out that the photo of an employee licking a stack of taco shells was in fact real, and the employee is in the process of being fired. As for the taco shells, the company said that the shells were not sold to anyone.

Today Show: Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnant & Angelina Jolie Turns 38

Jennifer Love Hewitt is expecting her first baby with husband Brian Hallisay. Angelina Jolie celebrated her 38th birthday yesterday at the Berlin debut of Brad Pitt’s newest movie, World War Z.

Today Show: John Travolta Crashes Wedding

John Travolta unexpectedly showed up for a couple’s wedding down in Georgia after he met them out at a bar the night before. After the ceremony was over, Travolta posed in photos with the couple.


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