Today Show: Harlem Shake Video & Natalie Morales Pet Adoption PSA


Today Show: Harlem Shake Viral Video

First people were asking you to call them them (maybe), then they were riding an imaginary horse with “Gangnam Style” and now people are doing the “Harlem Shake.” With more than 12,000 videos combined for over 44 million views, it seems like the “Harlem Shake” video trend is growing faster than most other viral videos.

Today Show: Harlem Shake Video & Natalie Morales Pet Adoption PSA

The Today Show made their own Harlem Shake video and Natalie Morales made a public service announcement about rescuing pets from shelters.


The “Harlem Shake” works like this. For the first 15 seconds one person, usually with something over their face, dances around awkwardly while everyone around him sits nonchalantly not noticing the dancing person. When the 15 seconds end and the beat kicks in harder, the video flashes for a second and the next thing you know, everyone is in a different spot than they were before and they are all dancing as wildly as they can.

Many experts are saying this viral video trend is different than others because it isn’t a parody video, but many still think it has the momentum to be the next big YouTube sensation. And they might be right. The video has exploded on the internet with lots of people, from families to soldiers to firefighters, making their own versions. Even the Peanuts gang has a “Harlem Shake” video.

Today Show: Public Service Announcements

The Today Show is taking action to make their own public service announcements for issues close to their hearts. Al Roker made his own for natural disaster preparedness and Matt Lauer did his PSA about being a positive role model in a child’s life. Next up is Natalie Morales and she is doing her public service announcement about the importance of adopting animals from shelters.


Today Show: Natalie Morales Dog Adoption PSA

Between three and four million animals are killed each year in animal shelters and only about half of all new pets are adopted from shelters. Natalie Morales wanted her public service announcement to change both of those statistics but she also wanted to debunk the myth that animals coming from shelters have something wrong with them. Morales met with the advertising agency helping her make the PSA. After some deliberation they came up with the perfect way to shoot their PSA, and it involved Morales’ rescue dog, Zara. In the end Morales and the advertising agency decided to make a video about Zara knowing all of Morales’ dirty little secrets because they are best friends.

It wasn’t the easiest video to shoot though. Morales said her dog Zara was acting like a diva. “Working with your own kids, you can bribe them or reason with them but with Zara you can’t,” she said.

Normally a dog double would be used for a 10 hour shoot, said Morales, but they brought in a dog trainer to help on the shoot and he went through a lot of meatballs trying to get Zara to sit still. When the PSA was finally finished, it depicted Zara talking about Morales’ little secrets, like the fact that she isn’t really a morning person and how she loves to sing in the shower. They even had Jenna Elfman do the voiceover for Zara.


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