Today Show: Hair Stylist Fired After Shaving Head to Support Sister

Today: Woman Fired From Salon for Shaving Head to Support Sister’s Cancer Diagnosis

Today Show: Hair Stylist Fired After Shaving Head to Support Sister

Melanie, a hair stylist in Washington, was fired after shaving her head to support her sister’s cancer diagnosis. The company has since asked her back.

Marissa and Melanie are like mirrors. Sisters just a year apart, these girls have done everything together, even cancer. At 23, Marissa was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer Stage III. She shaved her head and her sister joined her in solidarity. Melanie, the older of the two, had beaten cervical cancer around the time that her sister was diagnosed. Two weeks ago, Marissa was told that her cancer was back, Melanie got out the clippers.

A hair stylist in Washington, Melanie was told that her bald head was off putting to patrons. The salon said that Melanie had to wear a wig during work because she couldn’t promote hair products without hair. This deeply upset her and she resigned from her position. Melanie said that she did not shave her head to only support her sister 50% of the time. She wrote a letter about her decision to resign and to shave her head, posting it on Facebook. Within a few days, the world had picked up on the letter.

Today Show: Northern Quest Resort and Casino Responds to Hair Stylist’s Resignation

Melanie’s employer, Northern Quest Resort and Casino, said they have no policy that prohibits Melanie from shaving her head. They are now investigating what happened and have given Melanie their support. Her job is there if she wants it.

Marissa said that all you have in life is your family and your faith, if you lack those to things then your life is pretty empty. She supports her sister and they are both happy.

Star Jones lent her professional opinion to this story. She said that this is just a case of wrong procedure, not core values. The company stands by it’s “team members” and it’s not clear if Melanie violated a dress code. Jones said that hair salons are about being funky and creative with your do and there really wasn’t anything wrong with Melanie’s hair style switch.

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