Today Show: Gel Manicure Dangers & Dame Maggie Smith Downtown Abbey


Today Show: Dangers Of Gel Manicures

Gel manicures have become pretty popular because of their resistance to scratching and the length at which the nail polish stays. But could these same manicures actually be dangerous to your health? The Today Show talked with dermatologist Dr. Susan Taylor about her thoughts on gel manicures.

Dr. Taylor said her biggest worry is about the UV lighting used in the gel manicure process. She said there has been one small study which came to the conclusion that gel manicures are safe but Dr. Taylor said a larger, more comprehensive study found gel manicures to be harmful to a person’s health.


The Today Show contacted the Professional Beauty Association to get their side of the story and the association wrote back to the Today Show saying they think gel manicures are completely safe when done by a professional if the post-manicure rules are followed. They also said on their website that “a new independent study by leading researchers concludes that UV nail lamps do not play a substantial role in the risk of developing skin cancer. The researchers calculated it would take 250 years of weekly UV nail sessions to equal risk of exposure associated with one course of narrow band UVB treatments for certain kinds of skin conditions.”

Today Show: Gel Manicure Dangers & Dame Maggie Smith Downtown Abbey

The Today Show looked at the potential dangers, and ways around them, when it comes to gel manicures, and Dame Maggie Smith talked about Downton Abbey.

Today Show: Gel Manicure Safety Recommendations

As a dermatologist, Dr. Taylor said she wants everyone to be careful because there are conflicting studies on gel manicures. She offered the following advice to anyone getting a gel manicure:

  • Purchase white cotton gloves and cut off the fingertips. This allows the nails to be done and offers some protection against the UV light.
  • Wear sunscreen on your hands.

Dr. Taylor said besides the UV radiation she is also worried about the process of removing the nail polish. Placing your hands in acetone to remove the nail polish and then wrapping the nails in plastic wrap is going to cause them to dry out significantly. She also said she was worried about infections growing under the nail and the person never knowing about the infection because of having nail polish on for such long periods of time.

The bottom line is gel manicures do not seem to be safe.

Today Show: Maggie Smith Downtown Abbey Review

Maggie Smith is one of Britain’s most acclaimed actresses and she is one of the least interviewed. Dame Maggie Smith told the Today Show, in a rare interview, that she gets really nervous when she has to talk to reporters because she is always wondering why they would want to talk with her. She said she much rather prefers playing someone else than being herself.

Smith plays Violet Crawley on Downton Abbey, the imposing and sometimes evil character with huge hats and jewels all over, a character that could not be further from the quiet, humble and makeup-less Smith in real life. She told the Today Show even if she were younger, she would never have Botox injections done. She said she has come to accept her age.

Today Show: Maggie Smith Quartet Review

Maggie Smith’s most recent role is playing Jean Horton in the Dustin Hoffman directed film Quartet. Smith made it seem as if the set of the movie was a bundle of excitement and nervousness. She said everyone was nervous to be working with each other, but working with a director who has been in front of and behind the camera was something she said soothed the nerves of the cast.

“I was so worried,” she said. “I just wanted to get my lines right.”


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