Today Show: Frontier Airlines Harlem Shake & Blackout Baby Boom


By Oriana Lerner

Today Show: Today Show Take 3

Hey, it’s Friday—most people are probably ready to take a closer look at the lighter side of the news. So, this edition of Take 3 focused on some of the more unusual items that have popped up lately. First up was a discussion of the Colorado College’s Ultimate Frisbee team who did the “Harlem Shake” on a plane. Plus, what did the Today Show make of a rumored Blackout baby boom?


Today Show: Frontier Airlines Harlem Shake

Today Show: Frontier Airlines Harlem Shake & Blackout Baby Boom

On the Today Show, anchors discussed the Frontier Airlines Harlem Shake controversy over a viral video and a possible blackout baby boom on the East Coast. (Ivan Cholakov /

While the team had no trouble getting all the flight’s other passengers to join in the now-iconic Harlem Shake dance, the reaction from the world at large was markedly less enthusiastic. Despite the team’s contention that they had cleared the stunt with the flight crew, it’s ignited a lot of controversy, including an FAA investigation as to what phase of flight the plane was in at the time. However, Frontier Airlines, the operator of the flight, says all appropriate safety measures were followed and the seat belt sign was off.

The anchors agreed that there was going to be a lot of people who were just being “cranky pants” and would frown on it whether it was safe or not (and, to put this in context, there’s a video of employees of Frontier Airlines putting their own spin on the dance during a layover not too long ago).


Then, they played a clip of the Miami Heat doing the dance, with each team member in a different character, including Mario Chalmers as Super Mario.

Today Show: Blackout Baby Boom

Next, the anchors explored a phenomenon called the “blackout baby boom.” Apparently, there is a 30% increase in the number of expectant moms with due dates in July and August on the East Coast. Anchors hinted that there might be a correlation between boredom in the dark and the phenomenon.

After some bantering, the studio lights went out and the silhouetted anchors could be seen attempting to leave the studio. They came back to the couch after the lights came back on, though!

Today Show: iPhone Holder Review

The last item was a gadget from the Netherlands that is a combination cup holder and iPhone holder, allowing users to text while drinking their morning coffee. While some might think that’s the height of convenience, there’s one major practical drawback.

Anchor Natalie Morales wondered what would prevent coffee from spilling as she walked. The other anchors agreed that this device probably wasn’t really suitable for the real world. They concluded that there must not be much going on in the Netherlands.


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